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Reply: Sore, itch, watery eyes
This slideshow on taking on eye allergies has a lot of information on avoiding...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Itchy leg and foot
It's possible that you are allergic to a new food that you have begun eating. You could...More
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Reply: Excess phlegm
Have you been to see an ENT doctor about these symptoms? He/She would be best able to...More
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Reply: Question about hives
Hi, Do you have an idea of what is causing your hives? Have you seen your doctor...More
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Reply: Itchiness but no bumps of rashes?
Hi marcelnsmith, Have you seen a doctor or dermatologist about your itching? He/She...More
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Reply: Home Allergy / Puffy Face
Hi okina, Carpets are mentioned in a number of articles on allergies. This article ...More
Posted by atti_editor
Farm Antibiotics May Be Linked to Food Allergies
"Allergic reactions to food are a concern for millions of Americans, and now a study...More
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Reply: Allergy Medication
Hi bubba57, The WebMD My Medicine tool can help you track medications you are...More
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Reply: whats wrong with my lip? is it a cold sore?
Do you have pain, itching, burning, or any other symptoms? Here is some information on...More
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Reply: Red Eyes and Stuffy Nose when waking up. HELP
Have you seen a doctor or allergist about your symptoms? He/She would be the person...More
Posted by atti_editor