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48 year old - heathy except for crazy bad sinus congestion and Allergies. My boyfriend and I live in southeast portland with 2 dogs, a Dalmatian and a pug. I am not allergic to Fred the Dalmatian. But I might be to Lola the pug, she is far more dense and oily. I may have issues in the house- mold or dust. We are very active, work out, bike, camp, snowshoe etc. all of this slows me down and drains my enthusiasm to do anything. I don't taste or enjoy food, and a work for a brewery and can't taste beer!! I love my life but need help- I just can't live this way any longer. I now wonder if wheat or dairy are. Making me sick. I'm desperate to get my life back!!!!!!

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Reply: Help! I am contestd all the time!
I have no idea why I kept writing contested instead of congested! Sorry
Posted by erincolleen
Help! I am contestd all the time!
I am a 48 year old healthy female. Several years ago I developed seasonal allergies ...More
Posted by erincolleen

For more information, visit the Duke Health Asthma and Allergies Center