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Reply: Allergic to soap/cleaners
I am sorry to hear of your reactions. I don't know if this will help but I will share my...More
Posted by deluxehd
Reply: Apartment Mold?
I am sorry your boyfriend's health has not been well. You could have mold problems without...More
Posted by deluxehd
Reply: What is causing Chronic Uticaria and constant Anal...
I am really sorry for what you are going thru and to have seen a doctor who was of no...More
Posted by deluxehd
Reply: Upper Torso Rash with Intense Itch
Hello itchyrn62, I am sorry to hear of your health issue. This may not be appropriate but,...More
Posted by deluxehd
Reply: Rubber Allergy (allergic to carba mix) - Why no ra...
My best guess is that possibly you have a latex allergy. Are the rashes where items like,...More
Posted by deluxehd
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Reply: Allergic to Mold
I have been diagnosed with mold illness after 6 years of being ill. I started treatment in...More
Posted by deluxehd
Reply: Misery period combined with allergies
I can relate to this! When my hormones change for ovulation and menstruation it triggers...More
Posted by deluxehd
Reply: allergies
I am sorry to hear this. Did you try different brands of allergy pills? I wonder if you...More
Posted by deluxehd
Reply: Allergy with all foods
Hello to everyone, I have also become allergic/sensitive to most foods and have a very...More
Posted by deluxehd
Reply: Uncommon Food Allergies
Hi Alex and very to hear of you food allergies. My asthma is triggered by most foods but I...More
Posted by deluxehd

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