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Has anyone gotten allergic to something new after ...
I am wondering if maybe I have gotten allergic to something else, as since my allergy...More
Posted by coughy16
Reply: Wanting to get Allergy Shots
With my insurance, I don't have to pay anything for my shots or my serum, other than when...More
Posted by coughy16
Reply: Allergy Shots
I also have much more problems with local reactions when they put the shot too far back on...More
Posted by coughy16
Reply: 5 yr old and allergy shots
I agree with Sonya that it sounds like Rush. I also agree that it would make sense to...More
Posted by coughy16
Reply: Can anyone help?
Have you been allergy tested? That is probably the best next step if you are really...More
Posted by coughy16
Reply: chest pain Please help me
I have had that due to excessive coughing from my asthma. There really is not much you can...More
Posted by coughy16
Reply: Long-term allergy injection side effects?
I agree with Judy & Sonya. I had several systemic reactions when I was in the build up...More
Posted by coughy16
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Reply: New Severe Allergy Attacks?
Well, sounds like everyone agrees he needs to see an allergist, has he seen one yet? What...More
Posted by coughy16
Reply: Allergy Medication
I am not clear on what caused him to diagnose you with seasonal allergies if you were...More
Posted by coughy16
Reply: pain for ds at allergy shot time
Have you let the allergy nurses know about the problem? Has a different nurse been giving...More
Posted by coughy16