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Lump in Neck
Your neck lump could be a thyroid problem. I was recently diagnosed with 2 small lumps on the sides of my...More
Posted by lovely1965
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allergies/postnasal drip, cough; salt room therapy
I am tired of allergy medication side effects and wanted an alternative. I recently have been going to a newly...More
Posted by qe890
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Excessive phlegm
I have a problem with anything white - that is pasta, rice, potatoes, most breads, sugar, etc...all carbs! I...More
Posted by An_261152
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my 15 year chronic urticaria journey and autoimmun...
I have suffered from chronic urticaria for 15 years. I have tried all the antihistamines and xolair...which...More
Posted by abf4215
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chronic hives weakness
have a chronic hives now for 2 weeks, and now its fading away.. TIPS:::::: 1. DONT WASH THE AFFECTED AREA...More
Posted by abeer2015
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Muscus & cronic coughing
I too have suffered for years from chronic coughing & excessive throat clearing .I too have seen so many...More
Posted by issie92
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swallen lip
I had a swollen lip for more than 11years now. I have done anything, I also done a biopsy test but the results...More
Posted by shadowsh
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Keep your distance
I use nail polish and polish remover in the bathroom with the exhaust fan on and the window open or...More
Posted by bluemyrtle45
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Check your computer or smart phone before you pay for a Prescribed drug. Your MD does not know the...More
Posted by merriteacher
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problem face by my mother
hi my mother have a problem of sneezing contentiously whole day especially when she is going to sleep and...More
Posted by An_257570
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Shower/Wash Clothes/Air Purifier
I used to have the same problem. When I go to a seminar, people next to me sneeze, my co-workers and...More
Posted by everythingnatural
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It helps me sleep
I been getting really bad hives for abot 3 months now, I have no idea why I would be getting hives I been...More
Posted by l0velybia
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Sacramento valley allergies-cat, dog, dust, pollen...
I got rid of my sensitivities to the above plus olive trees, roses, trees in general, spring time and wind...More
Posted by healthynlite
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Seasonal Allergy Cure - Try this first!
Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000105 EndHTML:0000006482 StartFragment:0000002297 EndFragment:0000006446 I've...More
Posted by jfpizzaman
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To those that have the problem of being itchy
Hey there, i am justin. I have had similar problems to most of you. i feel all of your itchies dont worry....More
Posted by jcollier87
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I have been suffering from allergies for god knows how long, and by time my allergy symptoms increased and...More
Posted by issamousa
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Lowering ExcessMucus
I have had quite a bitof mucus (post basel drip) going down my throat causing coughing and affecting my...More
Posted by samueld
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Helpful Tips

smoking main cause for it, stop it problem will go
my name is Ahmad and i am 37 years old. I visited different ENT's, got CTSCAN and even checked myself with dozen chest doctors. I am ... More
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