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Majorly p'oed
Ok, so DH's best friend is getting married August 11th in NC He is in CT, his family is in MA (as are...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
Not having a good day...vent sorry long
I don't know if its my hormones or what but I am frickin mad!!!!!Yesterday my kids wouldn't listen to me...More
(Me)Ruth (26), DH Steve (42), DS1 Tavion(10),DD Shakayla(7),DS2 Brandon(4), DS3 Kobie(3) and new LO EDD 3/22/2011 On green team hoping for pink!
Posted by mrslee97658
Don't know how to tell family.....
I am really bad at this but the other times I have been preggo I just let them see me preggo and then let...More
(Me)Ruth (26), DH Steve (42), DS1 Tavion(10),DD Shakayla(7),DS2 Brandon(4), DS3 Kobie(3) and new LO EDD 3/22/2011
Posted by mrslee97658
Baby shower or No?
So this was a big discussion on the pregnancy boards when I was there...and another poster kind of touched on...More
Posted by ImMe26
DH cracks me up....
Yesterday he was asking me if I still had my breastpump and I said No I don't think so. So he says I guess...More
Posted by mrslee97658
Natural Gender Selection Book?
So DH, DD and I were over at some friends' house on Saturday night and the topic came up about having a...More
Posted by Jen_FLMom
We're pregnant!!!!!!!!
I almost have to pinch myself cuz I can't believe it but we are definitely pregnant. I could barely even...More
Posted by mrslee97658
thursday is so far away.......
when you are waiting to find out if you are in fact pregnant or not .......its day 37 no AF, yesterday saw...More
Posted by mrslee97658
Any news from AF?
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
BLP - Lazy
I was going to sort through all the post to see where you are in your goal to get knocked up and all......More
Posted by Contemplating19
just needing to vent.... warning-long
ok is its to rediculous to say that i am sitting here crying on my computer typing this bc my son has been...More
Posted by jlbelknap35
Does tracking really make a difference....if???
...If we just have sex, the old-fashioned way? I know alot of people seem to believe in tracking ovulation but...More
Posted by 32andTTC
I saw your reply to my comments and figured I'd start a new thread so I don't completely hijack your post. ...More
Posted by Jen_FLMom
just an introduction
hi ladies, i just wanted to introduce myself and join the ranks of those TTC. we just started TTC #3 this...More
Posted by fernsmommy
Still waiting....
lol, you would think I would know this stuff by now but here it is 31 days since last AF and nothing yet. I...More
Posted by mrslee97658
stupid AF....
I just wish she would hurry her butt up and get here....I have cramps but nothing....hmph. At least if she...More
Posted by mrslee97658
MIA... back now
Hey Everyone, Just figured to let you guys know I am back. I was on vaccation to oklahoma and vegas for 2...More
Posted by jlbelknap35
AF is in town
I am really happy I got my first "real" period which means I am OV'ing and that makes me HAPPY, my...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
How are you and DH doing with the ttc? Not sure where you are in your cycle....but I've been thinking about...More
Posted by mrslee97658
Waiting for AF to come....sorry I've been MIA ladies....been busy... but just putting in my update...AF...More
Posted by mrslee97658
Getting nervous...
I know this isn't pratical and I'm not really obsessed with the idea but I don't think me and Dh will have...More
Posted by mrslee97658
I need help
My husband and I have been trying to concieve for the past 3 months and nothing yet I need tips and...More
Posted by clemons2010
Not my month....
I really doubt that I am going to get pregnant this month which is ok. Dh seems to be a little mad about it...More
Posted by mrslee97658
Friday Fill in
1. On vacation, I like _____________. 2. _________ in the ocean. 3. One of my favorite vacation spots...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
conflicting and confusing information.....
So me and DH really want to try for a girl this time....most of the stuff I'm reading is saying to try a...More
Posted by mrslee97658
so forgetful.....
I don't know where many of you are but here it gets really hot in the summer so I like to wear as little...More
Posted by mrslee97658
Whats easier?
Whether it is what you have heard or what you personally know, what is easier? a boy or a girl? ...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
New here...Ready for baby #2!
Hi! My DH and I have a 2 year old and are beginning the process of TTC for #2! I am high risk due to a blood...More
Posted by topteach
So, BLP...
Are you going to finally tell us what you got your DH for your anniversary?? I'm glad y'all had a...More
Posted by stephs_3_kidz
just tried uploading a profile pic and it wouldn't work...oh well
Posted by mrslee97658

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Hi everyone! I am a married woman of almost 8 years in June and mother of two awesome boys, Mason-6 and Carson-4. They definitely keep me busy. At 31 ...More

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