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So much easier to just relax....
So Af is over and I am officially not on my BC pills but me and DH have not talked about TTC. If it happens...More
Posted by mrslee97658
How was your trip?
Posted by jlbelknap35
Okay so Im already a mother of 3, with my tubes tied. Recently I was thinking how much I actually regret doing...More
Posted by ImMe26
Need opinions....
So I started AF a little early, one day before it was supposed to start but its really light and I don't...More
Posted by mrslee97658
boo :-(
Well I guess I am not going to be starting to TTC this month . My husband and I have decided to wait till...More
Posted by jlbelknap35
Super busy at work, so just incase I do not get back on today, I am outta here at 6 and will be back...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
O/T GRRRR Renting a car
So I want to rent a car Thur- Sun, we are driving up to the Spalding Inn, which is in the white...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
TTC w/ an irregular cycle. Help!
I got off of birth control Jan 15th of this year (mid-pack). I had a period on Feb 19th and then not again until...More
Posted by AZ_TTC

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Friday Fiver
1. What's your weather like right now? 2. Where are you on your way to? 3. Are you good with...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
have a good weekend ladies!!
I will be officially off my pills tomorrow and waiting for AF to come on Wed. Sunday is my baby boys 3rd...More
Posted by mrslee97658
I have to go to the hospital..
so I'm out for the day. MIL fell out of the bed at the nursing home earlier. Sigh. She was knocked...More
Posted by stephs_3_kidz
Quick! Need snack ideas for 4 y.o and 2 y.o
DH is running to the store for me now in between jobs so I don;t have to go later after work (he is too...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
4 T Bathing suits
Ok, so I went shopping for my niece Rachel's Bday gift, the plan was the swimsuit, towel, sandals and...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
Friday Fill In, thanks Louise!
1. Where are my _____________? 2. If wishes were horses _________. 3. I'd like to see __________. 4....More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
What made you choose your child's name?
Is it a family name? a name memorializing someone? a cool name you heard? a name you had to steal before...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
Gift for a 4 y.o girl
Hey, its my nieces 4th b-day next week, she lives in Maine and I have no idea what to get her? I am...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
I don't know why it's only now clicking but...y'all have only been married a year!? In the best way possible,...More
Posted by 3point14
Almost there!!!!
.....2 more active pills left. I know I said we were waiting until Feb. but I think I was complaining a...More
Posted by mrslee97658
BLP, I have arrived!
Bust out the party hats and nonalcoholic beverages (just in case you're ku'ed already)! I've found you! ...More
Posted by wwilson89
What the heck?
I am having the same problem responding to posts and nothing is sticking. What is wrong with the board? Any...More
Posted by mrslee97658
I am trying to respond to your post and it is not sticking!!!! I just wanted to say (((HUGS))) I am...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
Arguing with DH *VENT*
About this whole TTC thing. We got into it last night when I got home from work because he wants to start TTC...More
Posted by Jen_FLMom
MAJORLY annoyed
Jessica, I have responded TWICE now tour post and they are not sticking!!!!!
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
Little annoyed VENT
Ok, So I post on another board and have so for almost a year, I have become friends with quite a few...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
freaking myself out..... help!
ok i am taking my last active pill today and im kinda starting to freak out wandering if i am really going...More
Posted by jlbelknap35
Have a good weekend Ladies!
See ya'll Monday!
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
I slipped....
I just couldn't stand being quiet anymore and I told my BFF that we were thinking about TTC in Feb. I even...More
Posted by mrslee97658
5 more!
5 more active pills till we start actually TTCing. Well not fully bc we dont do the temping/ovulation...More
Posted by jlbelknap35
Starting to rethink this...
Everyday that gets closer to Feb I get more and more excited but I also start to doubt I can do this. My...More
Posted by mrslee97658

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Hello I am a 26 year old married mother of 4 living in South Bend, IN. I have 3 boys ages 10,4,and 3 and one daughter who is 7. I am married to a wond...More

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