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What would you do?
Ok have a question/problem. I have been having some weird stuff going on down there for a couple months...More
Posted by jlbelknap35
Getting to know you
I am "borrowing" this from Kristen, hope you don't mind! LOL I know bits and pieces about most of you-...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
We are done with the BC whoooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooo LOL Yeah, a lil pumpedMore
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
What are you doing to prepare?
I have kind of mentally gotten prepared for ttc since we are not yet. We are getting prepared...More
Posted by mrslee97658
New here and SO excited about this new possibility...
Hi everyone! I was reading some of these posts and I agree with many of you. It's SOOOOOOO hard to NOT...More
Posted by 2briggerboys
I will be away from 6pm tonight (wed) to 9 am Tuesday morning and will not have computer access
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
I am very grateful that some others have made their way to this board. I confess that it is very hard to...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
not quite ready yet.
I have been on the "coping with pregnancy loss exchange" & checked out the "trying to conceive: after...More
Posted by 4cats1dog
3 More to go
Getting pretty pumped......3 more (active) pills to go....I know its prob ganna take a while to get KU,...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
What are you hoping for?
What gender? Dh wants a boy BAD, personally, I really don't care, although we have rec'd a TON of boy...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
Well sense this board is a bit slow i figured to get get going a little with a question. So sense this is...More
Posted by jlbelknap35
well i just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Jessica and i am officially on my last pack of BC pills....More
Posted by jlbelknap35
So yea, Dh has been coming up with some pretty interesting names and I don't know, i am trying to let...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
Maternity clothes on CL, BEWARE!!!!
Ok, so I saw some maternity clothes on CL and they were all Gap and old Navy and motherhood, it was 30...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
So happy/ SCORE!!!!
Well even tho no one is really reading this, I am still going to post about my SCORE!, I was at work...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
I check this thread regularly.....
Just wanted to let anyone know who may stumble onto this board, that while I am not her 24/7 I do...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada
I haven't tried
Well, I certainly haven't tried to get ANYONE pregnant... nor have I tried to get myself pregnant (that...More
Posted by Contemplating19
Hi My name is Lyndee and myselff and DH decided before we got married that we wanted to stop all...More
Posted by BabyLovesPrada

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I am 33 years old and am married to a wonderful guy and we have a beautiful 2 year old daughter! I teach at Head Start and my husband is a Union Carpe...More

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