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Reply: mom's decline...
Thanks so much for your reply, cjh, and thanks for thinking of me. I guess the most...More
Posted by mymyrt
mom's decline...
I haven't posted in a while, just haven't felt up to it. I have continued to read, however,...More
Posted by mymyrt
Reply: Reading prior posts...
Thanks for your reply. I thought about her last night and even discussed her situation with...More
Posted by mymyrt
Reading prior posts...
Having just joined this site last week, I finally went far enough to read many of the older...More
Posted by mymyrt
Reply: disgusted/stressed
jwj: I have been reviewing older posts, since I just joined this site last week. I came...More
Posted by mymyrt
Reply: Hearing Loss May Be Linked to Alzheimer’s
My mother had begun to have some hearing loss, but one of the first signs that have been...More
Posted by mymyrt
Reply: Patent for Alzheimer's Disease Treatment
Where did you find this info? I have done a lot of reading, and have seen nothing about this...More
Posted by mymyrt
Reply: Dealing with Mom
Having read cjh's response, she presents some really valid points. My mother was 76 when she...More
Posted by mymyrt
Reply: Note from Ted
Ted, don't stop the Aricept and the Namenda. Since it sounds like your dad has had AD for...More
Posted by mymyrt
Reply: Reading some of the posts on AD, caregiving
Thank you so much, cjh, for your responses and your interest in my situation. It's funny, if...More
Posted by mymyrt