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Could I be pregnant?
Hi,[br>I have been on the pill for a short time now and just started my second pack. Since 2 weeks also...More
Posted by christelle06
dying to know if i am pregnant
am ttc, had last period on 25nov, 2014. home test negative till date, usg shows empty uterus along with...More
Posted by titli27
dying to know if i am pregnant
LMP 25.11.14, hpt still negative, usg shows empty uterus, but having the pregnancy symptoms (nausea, tiredness,...More
Posted by titli27
Do me and my boyfriend have a chance of pregnancy ...
I didnt take my last active pill then had my period the 29th of nov til dec 2 which i did not take the...More
Posted by An_260542
Me and my husband had sex Dec. 7th. When I went to the doctor the nest day for pain he said it could be...More
Posted by sierrasimmons
Pregnancy After Ovulation
What are the chances of getting pregnant after ovulation. Period is one week away and had unprotected sex...More
Posted by An_255968
Am i pregnant
I am ttc and i had unprotected sex on all my ovulation days and now i am spotting light to heavy and my...More
Posted by An_255889
Could I Be Pregnant
Ive Had The Implanton In My Arm For Three Years Almost But Ive Got It Tooken Out Two Months Early 08/21 and I...More
Posted by An_253451

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Could i be Pregnant
I had a kid on July 24 2012, i had my heavy periods a month after and had it for 7 days monthly than Dec....More
Posted by Sweetmama2012
Please help me.
I had sex for the first time on December 2nd, the condom broke and I bled, he dod not finish!!! 20 minutes...More
Posted by An_249748

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Am i Pregnant?
Hi, I need to know what are the possibilities of me been pregnant? I had unprotected sex with a friend of...More
Posted by Jersey101
I think Im pregnant
I had sex with my bf early august. Close to the time I was suppose to have my period it came. Normally I am...More
Posted by minnerva25
help, am i pregnant or not ?
I had unprotected sex yesterday and my period finished 2 days ago can i get pregnant ?, he came in me 4...More
Posted by jessicam1313
help, am i pregnant or not ?
I had unprotected sex yesterday and my period finished 2 days ago can i get pregnant ?, he came in me 4...More
Posted by jessicam1313
Could I Maybe Be Pregnant?
I went off my birth control pills in April. I got my period on April 4 and it lasted until April 8 or...More
Posted by butterfly92778
Could I Be Pregnant?????
Hello everyone! ok well I had my last period on jan,23,2012 i had sex on Feb,2,2012 for the past week now i...More
Posted by An_243455
Q Wondering if I'm pregnant?
HI, I'm new to this site. I have a "my days" tracker on my phone to let me know when I am my most fertile or...More
Posted by nlm4176
does anyone know if a breast leaks milk only during pregnancy?
Posted by tereluvmigue
Implantation Bleeding?
I have been spotting four 5 days now. I have eight days until I'm suppose to start. The spotting is brown and...More
Posted by An_243037
What do you think?
I am a married 23 y/o female that has had multiple miscarriages. I have a blood disorder called MTHFR and I...More
Posted by lauren55103
What ifs?
Hi, I've been concerned about being pregnant for about a week now. I finally got to see my long-distance...More
Posted by An_242232
when did I get pregnant?
Hi my husband and I want to have a baby and we were trying for same time. I have school so we set the day...More
Posted by kaka123456
Tubal Pregnancy
I have had an IUD for almost three years now. My period is a week and a half late and i have had lower back...More
Posted by An_241479
Am I really pregnant?
I have had a tubal for 5yrs however I had a baby seven wks ago. Im having preg symtoms and had 6 positive...More
Posted by thearts31
Month one baby number three TTC
So with my son he was a welcome little surprise and is know 4 my daughter was major baby fever and I tried...More
Posted by segadelli24
Symptoms?! 6-8dpo
Hey ladies, I am in my 3rd month TTC. I have paid no attention to any symptoms this month and have tried...More
Posted by wan2bmommi
so my last period was the 23 of september and its now october 30th and im not sure if im period...More
Posted by An_241134
will i be pregnant?
have sex this last september 5..and the guy was not able to have control buy his last menstruation...More
Posted by An_239588
Could I be pregnant?
I've had 5 negative test results when it comes to pregnancy, but I have all the symptoms of being pregnant...More
Posted by Anon_237719
Plan B and Pregnancy question, is it possible??`
Question: Attempted to have sex about a week ago. Hurt and bled. Guy barely went in and didn't cum. If so,...More
Posted by Anon_235268

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My period has not come, and I am curious to know if I may be pregnant even though I have an IUD. I have a two year old so I know what its like to be p...More

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