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Plan B and Pregnancy question, is it possible??`
Question: Attempted to have sex about a week ago. Hurt and bled. Guy barely went in and didn't cum. If so,...More
Posted by Anon_235268
Am I pregnant??
I've never been to this site before, so I have no idea what I'm doing, so cut me a bit of slack if I'm doing...More
Posted by PaulaG92

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Have you ever been pregnant, and have a blood test come up negative when you knew you were pregnant, or at least 6 weeks pregnant?
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  • No
  • Yes, a couple times
  • Yes, multiple times.
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Could I get pregnant?
My bf and I had unprotected sex yesterday afternoon. I started my period last night/this morning. Could I...More
Posted by Anon_232169
Bleeding after period has ended..
Well I'm a guy posting on here, but I think I may have a problem. I was intimate with my girlfriend about a...More
Posted by Anon_228023
not sure if i could be pregnant
Started my period the 3 days ago was only bleeding for a day went away for a day and a half came back for...More
Posted by An_190714
Could I be pregnant?
I need to know the odds of being pregnant in my situation. I'm on the pill, but I accidentally skip a pill...More
Posted by An_190712
Could I Be Pregnant?
So im just trying to figure out if its possible that I may be pregnant, Im 19, and this is the first time my...More
Posted by An_190711
am i pregnant?
this is my first time missing my period two months staright without any signs of it coming. am i...More
Posted by babyboyexpected
birth control and pregnancy
I am on the pill and take it as required, I have not missed or been late on any. I always start my period on...More
Posted by An_190710
had sex about a month ago.. and here in the past couple days ive started feeling really sick.. lower back...More
Posted by An_190709
Could I be pregnant?
I'm 35 y/o and stopped taking my birth control last month as my husband and I are trying to have a baby (I...More
Posted by An_190708
I'm worried.
I started my period in the afternoon on Thursday, April 8. It ended completely by Monday, April 11. On...More
Posted by An_190707
Chance of pregnancy
How likely is it that I got pregnant having unprotected sex on the first day of my period and he pulled out?...More
Posted by An_190706
Could I be pregnant?
How likely is it that I could be pregnant after having unprotected sex on the first day of my period? He...More
Posted by An_190705
Is my Girlfriend Pregnant?
So my girlfriend and I made love last week on tuesday (we decided to not have protection). Well a few days...More
Posted by An_190704
what are the chances?
Last month over the course of one weekend my boyfriend and I had sex four times. He pulled out every...More
Posted by dobermanluver92
On birth control, taken at the correct times, had ...
I have been on birth control for 8 months, I did miss a month in the beginning of the year because I was too...More
Posted by PLBH1982
Help i my be pregnant and don't know what too do
Two and a half months ago i was visiting my fiance while he was in training... and for the past month and a half...More
Posted by Ruby92

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Am I pregnant or just the sick?
Am I pregnant?
I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, but on July 15 he accidently ejeculated in me when trying to pull...More
Posted by Jaszy_Jazz
concerned mom
My daughter had unprotected sex on the 11th of december , she has been nauseated , tired , and on the 17th of...More
Posted by An_190702
Hi, I am 19 years old and recently got off the nuvaring after being on it for seven months. I got off the bc...More
Posted by An_190701
Am I pregnant?
I recently started Yaz (bad idea), but I got past the first 3 months, then started spotting during my next...More
Posted by An_190700

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Is it the pill or am I pregnant
  • Yes for sure
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Could I be pregnant?
Recently went off of birth control. My period isn't due to start until next week, but my boyfriend is...More
Posted by An_190699

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Am I pregnant?
How likely is it that I'm pregnant?
I'm 19 and I just started going out with this guy that I've been talking to online for about 2...More
Posted by flutingthroughlife

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How likely is it that I'm pregnant?
  • Very likely
  • Possible
  • Possible, but not that probable (Less than 5% chance)
  • Not possible at all
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What should I believe Doctor or technology?
Me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant and I recently to a electronic home pregnancy test and...More
Posted by brittyboo89
who is more likely to be the father?
just found out i'm pregnant and i'm a little lost. my ovulation calculators told me i ovulated on 9/28 with...More
Posted by An_190698
Could I be pregnant?
I had a normal period last month (07/18 - 07/23), but last week about mid week, I noticed a small, thin,...More
Posted by An_190697
Am I pregnant? So confused
Hello Everyone, Okay so this is how it starts. I found out a couple of months ago that I have...More
Posted by jennjeff12

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Do you think I conceived?
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I started on the pill, Zovia, 6 weeks ago. I had my first cycle and it lasted for 11 days and was heavy. My...More
Posted by An_190696
Am I Pregnant
I will be 5 days late for my period tomorrow. For the last 2 weeks or so, I have been expieriencing...More
Posted by sarahm86

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About a week a go, on march 7th, I sorta had sex for the first time. My boyfriend put it in, but he didn't cum. I started bleeding and so he chang...More

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