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Am I Pregnant
I will be 5 days late for my period tomorrow. For the last 2 weeks or so, I have been expieriencing...More
Posted by sarahm86
Ovulation cycle accurate?
I was just wondering the odds of getting pregnant before the ovulation period? Because I have been having sex...More
Posted by An_190695
Hypochondriac or Pregnant?
I am currently taking Orthocept and I usually have my period regularly every month. This past week my...More
Posted by Mandy110384
Is my girlfriend pregnant?
So my girlfriend has not had a period since April. She tried 5 different pregnancy tests since at different...More
Posted by burn182
Should I test again?
The first day of my last period was on 5/05, and my cycle is usually pretty regular, so I should get my next...More
Posted by The_AliCat
Pregnant with an important question...
so im about 7 weeks pregnant and this is the longest i've carried. i miscarried about 9 months ago and i...More
Posted by rarepinkrose
Could I be pregnant?
I started on April 23rd and now for the last 3 days my nipples are killing me ?
Posted by An_190694
info needed
just started taking seasonique about 2 months ago. i was wondering if bleeding for 2 1/2 weeks inbetween...More
Posted by An_190693
on period and possibly pregnant
tested positive on a pregnancy test. i have'nt had a period for about 3 months. all of a sudded, im having a...More
Posted by jaylees33
Pregnant but cannot see some symtoms.
I took the pregnancy test last week and I am pregnant. I scheduled an appointment to see the nurse in my 8th...More
Posted by extramile
I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and the next day took 4 of my birth control pills then 12 hours later...More
Posted by An_190691
This ever happen to anyone??
I had my first baby Jan 18, 20010. Since I have only had one period. And that was from March 15th-19th. I...More
Posted by SLD2010
implantation bleeding
Hello ladies I have a question. My periods are never normal but for the last three months they hve come...More
Posted by skruse26
I need some help please =/
Hi, I'm 27 years old, trying get pregnant for a while period has been really REALLY weird...More
Posted by Aerosmithchic7
Am i pregnant
I had sex a day before i ovulated, so can i be pregnant?
Posted by TheBaddestDoll
Implantation Bleeding
I'm not sure if I started my period exactly 1 week early or if it is implantation bleeding. My last period...More
Posted by An_190690

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am i pregnant please help
I am on birth control have been since december...have my period every time the white pills comes in like...More
Posted by ashleypa1986
is it even possible? preg question
ok long story short date of starting last period march 31 ( on bc)ended up in hospital last day of my...More
Posted by shadowsilencer
Did I have implantation bleeding or mid cycle blee...
Ok here is my story. I have PCOS, but have had testing down & I am fertile as well as DH. I have a period...More
Posted by dkmomma09
Prego symptoms with false tests Help please
I have a normal period that lasts about 5 to 6 days every 28 days. My period came right on time but was very...More
Posted by kear0001
Prego symptoms with false tests Help please
I have a normal period that lasts about 5 to 6 days every 28 days. My period came right on time but was very...More
Posted by kear0001
please help
I have been trying for months to get pregnant an this month I was a week late took a home test faint...More
Posted by christine_a
Am I really pregnant?
I have been feeling sick to my stomach on and off for three days. Certain things have made me sick to my...More
Posted by lyssajones21
am i possibly pregnant
I had my last period the last week of February '10 and it was about a week, week and half early and haven't...More
Posted by mommyroo1
is there a chance
had sex this morngin and i have a stron feeling im pregnatn been sick and all. I got the gut feelign is ti...More
Posted by An_190689
am i pregnant
had unprotected sex with my bf a week not on the pill on anything....i have irregular...More
Posted by An_190688
I got my last period around Feb. 16th. My boyfriend and i had sex the next weekend and then just recently, the...More
Posted by jlynna12
Is cramping ( like period cramps) common in your f...
Found out i am pregnant I think im about 4 weeks but i have cramps that are sharp pains!! Is this common ?...More
Posted by CrystalAlm
Where is AF???
Hello Everyone! So I have two wonderful children now, so I can remember what it was like to find out that I...More
Posted by amiller20
Pregnant on the depo shot??
The last time I had sex was on the 20th of Feb... my last period was on feb 7th... according to ovulation...More
Posted by Gemini005

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My period has not come, and I am curious to know if I may be pregnant even though I have an IUD. I have a two year old so I know what its like to be p...More

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