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2 months late neg tests
I got off the pill on October in hopes to start ttc this year. I had a period in the beginning of...More
Posted by lovinghim1010
Am I or Not?
I had been on birth control pills for about 7-8 years and recently decided to stop taking them to try to get...More
Posted by An_190686
3 months late, neg. home and blood tests.
I am three months late from an otherwise regular menstrual cycle. I have taken over 4 home pregnancy...More
Posted by NicoleMarie77
Pregnant on the pill?
I've been on Lutera for around 6 months now. I have been taking it as a tri-cycle pill. I had normal periods...More
Posted by msretman
My period still hasn't come?
My period is about a month and a half late, the first test I took showed a positive result, but positive line...More
Posted by chelc93
No bleeding after morning after pill
Hi, my girlfriend took the morning after pill about two weeks ago and she has not bled yet. The first time...More
Posted by An_190685
Am I pregnant?
About a week a go, on march 7th, I sorta had sex for the first time. My boyfriend put it in, but he didn't...More
Posted by An_190683
Hormonal Imbalance or Implantation Bleeding?
I stopped taking my birth control last month when I finished my pack. My boyfriend and I had quite a lot of...More
Posted by GillianR
Not sure if I'm Pregnant
Hello to everyone, I have a question. I had a tubal around 3 years ago after I had my daughter. I forgot the...More
Posted by sbcd83
Need some advice/opinions ASAP!
Ok so I posted this on other exchanges and I didnt really get any replies. At 9 weeks pregnant, I had a...More
Posted by saholco
AF late but - preg test
I ovulated around Feb 17. My LP is usually 12 days long, so I was expecting my cycle around Mar 2,3.Around...More
Posted by An_190682
need to no
is it possible to get pregnant while on your minastration
Posted by canibpreg
am i pregnant?
I don't get my period until next week and I have been bloated and spotting. What does this mean?
Posted by hrogiers
Chances of being pregnant
Hi, my girlfriend and I had unprotected sex Sunday morning (as I write this it is Monday afternoon). I should...More
Posted by An_190681
how do i know
was bloating this weekend and spotting. and today im spotting and a little bloated what does this mean? am i...More
Posted by hrogiers
Pregnancy or miscarriage scare???
I was found late last year to have a dermoid cyst inside of my left ovary. Since it was discovered my period...More
Posted by OnlyOli
Could I be pregnant? What is going on?
I was 3 days late on a strange period. Leading up to af i have alot of clear whitish d/c for about a week, and...More
Posted by jmsagl
For a friend...
she had sex, a few days later she had her period.. so she can't be pregnant right because she got her period?...More
Posted by An_190713
Please Answer ASAP
I am on birth control. Last month I missed a pill a few days before my period but took 2 pills the day I...More
Posted by An_190703

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Could I be? Advise please.
Ok, so to start from the beginning.... Last month I switched from the pill (LoEstrin 24) to NuvaRing......More
Posted by becsevie22
I need to know about this.
O.k. I got a Tubal Ligation over three years ago. I was told that I would never be able to conceive...More
Posted by princess100584
My period is late, and my boyfriend and I have bee...
My period is late, and my boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex the past 2 months. I took a test and...More
Posted by chelc93
Is this Possible??
I recently had the flu and skipped a birth control pill. Due to skipping it, two days later i got my period....More
Posted by An_190687
Pregnancy Question (From a Male!)
Hello WebMD! Two weeks ago I saw an old friend and the night I was there we were about to have intercourse....More
Posted by An_190684
Cont. from the description- I was supposed to have my period on Feb. 19th and it still hasn't come. I have...More
Posted by sxycalypso

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About a week a go, on march 7th, I sorta had sex for the first time. My boyfriend put it in, but he didn't cum. I started bleeding and so he chang...More

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