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Reply: Preventing Panic Attack Diarrhea
oh yes I anxiety is related to fears and I am working on this. We just gotta dig deep and identify our fears...More
Posted by cando15
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Reply: How does your anxiety make you feel
its usually different. Most if the time i shake (sometimes its noticable sometimes its not). Sometimes i get...More
Posted by undefined
No help
I am seeking help for extreme anxitey/panic/depression but I cannot find a provider under my insurance plan...More
Posted by An_261725
Reply: Spouses of anxiety...
I'm the anxiety spouse to my husband of 20 years in September. My anxiety got so bad I had to quit working...More
Posted by beachbum5150
Anxiety, digestion, chest pain
Hi everyone After a long time I have decided to reach out and see if anyone else has experienced similar,...More
Posted by taylarins
Reply: I am 64yrs old and sustained hot flashes and night...
so what the hell does that have to do with this forum please post where it belongs
Posted by i_hate_you
Reply: Extreme Needle Phobia
I have the same problem, without the heightened experience of pain. Like most people with a...More
Reply: Anxiety
Oh, tigercat234, yes, that tends to be the way it is on this site. In fact, sometimes nobody replies....More
Posted by Reid Wilson, PhD
Reply: Experiences with Lexapro?
I was on Lexapro / 10 mg I think for about 10 years around 1997-2007. It was actually described by my GYN to...More
Posted by clfsu
Reply: Does anyone take either Klonipin or Topamax
Before I was diagnosed in 2011 with psychogenic seizures (due to bi polar), I had been on Topomax for about 6...More
Posted by clfsu
Advise please
This is so hard for me to explain im try my best I've been having really had anxiety past few days and im...More
Posted by tiffie22
Reply: Panic Attack
I don't think that your post sounds at all like a teenage drama confession, and I glad that you reached out...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Anxiety, Panic, Noise Sensitivity
You may have Misophonia. It is a new condition that has been diagnosed. Suffers usually have an intense...More
Posted by leeburns
Reply: Anxiety
Ok we'll I've looked it all up and it pulls up anxiety symptoms.. What symptoms do you have with your...More
Posted by tigercat234
Reply: People
I agree.
Posted by sw3tflower
Reply: I used well water in netti pot will i be okay?
I didn't use salt because it burned because I had a very dry nose from a cold but today is been 5 days...More
Posted by ashley4569600
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Reply: PTSD
People do care. You are noticed, you're a part of this world, and you are not alone. Did you find anyone to...More
Posted by sw3tflower
Reply: Can I stay in my relationship?
Hey, 284555 - Well, gosh, it's not gonna work for you to have more energy than he has about...More
Posted by Reid Wilson, PhD
Reply: My current panic attack
Hey, Christi- Yikes! That's sounds really hard. And lonely. You can study a free 8-step self-help...More
Posted by Reid Wilson, PhD
Reply: I can't stop humming...Help!
This is a very normal thing. I do it while I work as well. Typically when things get hectic. I never thought it...More
Posted by geman
Reply: Lexapro Brand name
I switched to Clonzepan and it is under $10 for my prescription. see if your doctor will switch you. It's...More
Posted by An_261532
Lexapro Brand name
Does anyone know where I can get a coupon or a safe place to fill up my prescription with brand name (forest)...More
Posted by triopt
Reply: Am I dying?
I know exactly what you mean!! YES!!!! The past couple of weeks I've felt like I have arthritis in the...More
Posted by itsmeamy
Reply: anxiety
I feel you need to consult a psychiatrist or a psychologist. If you are in India, psychiatrists might...More
Posted by indianladyhere
GAD but no Panic
I am new to this community, I saw quite a few posts on Panic attack. I am not suffering from Panic...More
Posted by indianladyhere
Reply: nocturnal panic attacks
I'm happy to hear you don't have the other issues I do. It's not been fun!
Posted by lisp714
Reply: Aniety and panic attacks
Hi there, well i don't want to on meds because i know thats just a supplement that you would have to stay on...More
Posted by ragona11
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Reply: ?
sir pls help me....I also feeling like these...I cannot work..i cannot slp...all time it seems that I am going...More
Posted by nihar91
Reply: anxiety and panic
Hey, An_261407- What you describe as going on currently sounds a lot like someone who has...More
Posted by Reid Wilson, PhD

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I've had anxiety and panic for years now and counceling never seemed to help. when i get a cold or a sore throat i worry that i have cancer or something and it controlles my life.
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Thank Goodness for this Discussion Group!
I've had anxiety for most of my life, but recently it's been very bad. Getting through the panic attacks is...More
Posted by sincerely44

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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Exercise you can doExpert
Exercise is one of the most beneficial self-help techniques we know of today and more and more research is indicating its usefulness in ... More
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