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Panic Progress
I have severe panic attacks. I get so physically ill and used to get them nocturnally which were easy to...More
Posted by Cheryl369
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Posted by lisanblakyon
Posted by lisanblakyon
Reply: I have anxiety and depression but I feel like Im d...
So many of these symptoms can easily be caused by poorly managed hypothyroid. No matter what the doctors say,...More
Posted by rohvannyn
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I am right with u on this 1, I started having bad panic and anxiety attacks when i was 21 now 29 and i dint get...More
Posted by jadef86
Reply: Aniexty from guilt
This would be my advice - Book an appointment at your local sexual health clinic, talk to the medical...More
Posted by nocturnalist101
Reply: Anxiety and Noise Sensitivity
Im the same way, with extreme sensitivity to noise. When I'm having one of attacks or whatever you want to...More
Posted by An_264344
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Reply: If you have anxiety and/or feel like you're dying,...
Sounds very similar to me. I got realy dizzy one day and ive not felt the same since. Im 29 good job...More
Posted by seraph68
Reply: very depressed
Do not worry, you will be just fine. See a doctor and the rest would be taken care of. It will ensure...More
Posted by michelleburger89
Reply: Successfully beat Effexor withdrawal - Here is how...
Rob, Thank you so much for your post.I have only taken this medication for 3-4 months, but I have had...More
Posted by An_264329
Reply: Is this anxiety or something worse?
have to agree we are our own worst enemy our imagination in the quite times makes us feel insane. remember...More
Posted by An_260789
Reply: Neurologist thinks I have anxiety, I don't buy it....
yep it can do all those things and more. find yourself someone to talk to. U r way too young to start on...More
Posted by An_260789
Reply: need a second opinion
If you have panic disorder (and I don't know if you do), one of its defining characteristics is that...More
Posted by Reid Wilson, PhD
Reply: What is wrong with me?
nocturnalist101 gave you some very good advice, jumpswaves . I would add to that that you need to...More
Posted by Reid Wilson, PhD
Reply: Withrawal from Klonopin
Hey, Bernie- I don't think anyone on this site can answer these questions for you. I am a PhD, not an...More
Posted by Reid Wilson, PhD
Reply: Help! I feel like im dying!! (Anxiety)
This seems more like OCD via the way of an anxiety/panic disorder (Basically fixating and worry) when...More
Posted by nocturnalist101
Reply: Preventing Panic Attack Diarrhea
Such a terrible thing to have. It completely controls your life. I have to make plans everywhere I go...More
Posted by PumpkinLaFlamme
Negative UA for medications I am currently taking
I am taking my medications as prescribed by my doctor. I have several, some for anxiety and some for pain. I...More
Posted by truckmomma
6 yr old son anxiety
my 6 yr old son has been doing this for the past 3-4 yr he doesn't like to eat around a lot of people and...More
Posted by gentlecare
Reply: Unipolar MDD
hi there how are u doing, I read your post and I have the same diagnoses.. But some days it feels like I just...More
Posted by nita4788
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Dr. Reid, question on anxiety causing disturbing d...
You might find a book on overcoming perfectionism helpful. I did. I don't have OCD but I can certainly...More
Posted by juliabeth06
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Adrenaline rush when trying to fall asleep?
This set of symptoms despite how it might feel is really simple to explain (My personal opinion) Take...More
Posted by nocturnalist101
Can SSRI's / SNRI's cause permanent vision changes...
I ask because many years ago when they treated my IBS, they did frequently with these anti depressants. After...More
Posted by mintyfox
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Itching, crawling skin & pin pricks
I've been working on your protocol to a T and it's been helping but I'm finding the more work I put towards...More
Posted by juntjoo
Reply: Effexor and discontinuation help.
Don't know if this will help a month later. Your doctor is incorrect regarding the Effexor withdrawal...More
Posted by krayne77
Effexor - Weight gain while weaning off
Did you gain weight while weaning off of Effexor?
Posted by krayne77

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Did you gain weight while weaning off of Effexor?
Reply: Sleeping problems?
I too have been having issues the last couple of weeks. I have been going to my Dr and have had 3 different...More
Posted by eelaron
Reply: Best SSRI for anxiety
Has anyone been put on vibrant to treat anxiety?
Posted by PapaPug32
Reply: Need anti anxiety/panic med that is not antidepres...
You can go to your family doctor for referrals for therapists or psychiatrists. Psychologists are tough for...More
Posted by PapaPug32
Most severe form of Anxiety
I wanted to get some expert advice if you have ever heard of such a severe case and what your understanding...More
Posted by An_264098

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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SSRIs, and anti-anxiety
I recommend Fluoxetine to help boost the seratonin in your brain, it keeps the panic away. IF you are panicky tho, nothing helps more than ... More
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