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I can't help but feel like something is always wro...
I have anxiety and depression, I'm a 21 year old female and it's ruining my life. I'm constantly afraid...More
Posted by anxiousinia
How do you cope when the anxiety is out of control...
Hi everyone. I have anxiety and at times it sets off panic attacks. I've seen therapists and have...More
Posted by waitingonthatshoe
A few days into Zoloft....
I just had to go back on Zoloft for bad anxiety after being off it for a while. I forgot how bad the...More
Posted by southernmom410
Lexapro & St Johns Wort
Hello I recently purchased some St Johns Wort to help with anxiety/depression. I've only been taking it the past...More
Posted by msz555
anxiety over having to move
I'm 40 and live with my twin sister and our cat. We are both on disability because of anxiety disorders (yes,...More
Posted by inpain34
My anxiety has destroyed my life
My anxiety has been out of control for so long that I've lost friends, family, self-confidence and so much...More
Posted by starryt88
I can't find a therapist to help me
I have social anxiety and there is no therapist in my city that has any experience with working with...More
Posted by An_262449
Includes Expert Content
multiple sclerosis and anxiety
I have multiple sclerosis and anxiety. .I'm used to my anxiety attacks but within the last 2 months I'm...More
Posted by msandme1031
Includes Expert Content
Anyone have strange or fearful thoughts.
I am on my third week of prozac only 10mg. I also take welbutrin 150 mg. got from my pcp for anxiety....More
Posted by An_262328
Anxiety and panic with fearful thoughts
I have been having anxiety and panic on and off my whole life. So I know it doesnt kill you. Lately it is...More
Posted by An_262328
Is this a panic attack?
This morning right when I woke up I felt uneasy, scared, heart racing, hands shaking. I felt like I couldn't...More
Posted by misty76024
Is this a panic attack?
This morning right when I woke up I felt uneasy, scared, heart racing, hands shaking. I felt like I couldn't...More
Posted by misty76024
I am on the verge of taking myself off of Effexor. I have done this in the past, only in the past, had only...More
Posted by nongenius
The monster
I am 14 years old, and since i was 9, there is this monster I see everytime I turn the light off. I feel this...More
Posted by An_262278
Includes Expert Content
anxiety during mental work
When I am concentrating on my mental work for a longer time, anxiety kicks in. I don't know exactly how to...More
Posted by An_262252
I'm scared for my lif
I'm turning 18 in a month . Just to get that out there . And I just can't shake this feeling that I'm dying ,...More
Posted by bunnson
Is this anxiety
For the past couple of weeks I have a generalized feeling of unease accompanied by discomfort right in my...More
Posted by An_255698
Includes Expert Content
No need for Effexor any more. Weaning off.
My 25 yo son feels no need to be on Effexor further. Done with school and career in motion. His MD told him...More
Posted by joelcoqui
My anxiety disorder and paranoia issues are runnin...
Ok so I went through a divorce last year after leaving a 9 year abusive controlling emotionally and...More
Posted by An_262190
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Hello everyone, I've been dealing with stress and anxiety for a while now (I've never been able to handle...More
Posted by spitzgirl
Includes Expert Content
8 months pregnant with extreme needle phobia
I have extreme fear of needles. I'm 22 and I've never gotten a flu shot and I've had several fillings done...More
Posted by lachellerr
Includes Expert Content
I feel like someone is controlling me
For something like a 6 months i feel like someone is controlling me. every time I want to do something, I...More
Posted by An_262129
Support as a Significant Other
My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with anxiety and depression. He's been in therapy for several months, but...More
Posted by An_262119
Learning to let go
I'm not sure what brought me to this page, I have just gone back to work after a few months of leave due to...More
Posted by Adgtrg
After finding my father with a gunshot to the head, suicide, I have had so many problems pop up. Things in...More
Posted by An_262103
waiting for a better day
My name is Leslie i am a 21 year old male. IM not here to get sympathy, but more or less to tell a story and...More
Posted by leslie_s
Dealt with horrible anxiety and panic for over 15 ...
I have been having anxiety and panic attacks for over 15 years. I am constantly worrying about my health. On...More
Posted by An_262083
Anxiety over living alone and aging.
I am 59 years old and have been divorced since 2011. Ex remarried last year and since then have daily anxiety...More
Posted by wisly03

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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Progressive Muscle RelaxationExpert
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