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I have been on many different antidepressants, I recently was on cymbalta but too expensive, put on Zoloft...More
Posted by An_263077
Buy quality Diazepam Sleeping pills with discount
We sell quality Diazepam pills at discount prices such as with safe and quick delivery to any part of the...More
Posted by cruzbriyan
stress and anxiety. lately
Hello I have been experiencing more stress lately due to 1 a work transfer 2 a family move cross country 3 a...More
Posted by stumpy14u

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buspirone and alcohol
Hi guys. I have read TONS of stuff about the mixture. The thing is,i have stopped Drinking (beer &...More
Posted by offbenzos
I can see there are a lot of us hummers out there. Has anyone received a response from WebMD. (other than this...More
Posted by sqeegee
This is hard for me to put in words. I am a woman that will turn 60 in December. Excuse my french as they say...More
Posted by bolyla

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Uncontrollable Humming?
For quite a while, we had a discussion about uncontrollable humming. We had various folks who would hum...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Includes Expert Content
Searching for relief
Hello all, I am new to this community. I have been suffering from general anxiety here and there throughout...More
Posted by An_263043
Panic or a much worse heart problem?
Hi I have a condition I do not know what it is, last year I had a few episodes which lead me to the ER,...More
Posted by unknownproblem
Includes Expert Content
Anxiety all day every day. New to the group
Hello everyone, this is my very first post. I'm glad I found this site. So here it goes. I'm a 32 year...More
Posted by sphynxlover82
Withdrawl from gabapentin
I am currently tapering off of 900 msg of gabapentin and the withdrawl is horrible. Does anyone have any...More
Posted by An_262976
panic about having panic
Recently, my panic attacks have started over panics about having panic attacks!! it's
Posted by helpandhowto
Okay so I have been dealing with this for many years now, and I cannot tell you how much it has hindered...More
Posted by anonymous224
Questions about Luvox [fluvoxamine].
About 18 months ago, I consulted a psychiatrist regarding my condition and he prescribed a course of drugs,...More
Posted by studic
Quitting Effexor
I have been on Effexor XR 75mg for roughly 10 years. About 2 weeks ago I started experiencing withdraw...More
Posted by cornwesm
Severe anxiety ptsd as well
I've had anxiety all my life and tho I'm 50 something I thought it would get better but it's getting...More
Posted by bubbles_bobble
Severe anxiety ptsd as well
I've had anxiety all my life and tho I'm 50 something I thought it would get better but it's getting...More
Posted by bubbles_bobble
Reoccuring Anxiety
For a while I haven't had anxiety, but lately I've had a general feeling of unease and reoccurring...More
Posted by jessebenefiel

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Sister's anxiety about wedding.
My sister's wedding is is planned to happen soon. She is troubling with all sorts of anxiety issues these...More
Posted by emmareeves
Includes Expert Content
Anxiety or heart issues
Hi, im a 29 year old male in pretty good shape. All my issues started when I was 14. One day playing...More
Posted by supersonicramjet
Anxiety and ADHD
Hey people I am new here on the site! I just wanted know what struggles you guys have with ADHD and...More
Posted by heyyitscecegal
Mental or Physical?
Male, Age 29, 5'10", 170 lbs, Active, Use Smokeless Tobacco I was born with aortic valve stenosis. I played...More
Posted by jdk0087
New MD
I feel like I need to find a new Psych MD. I don't feel that I am getting the attention that I need, the...More
Posted by Fairykitty29
New to Anxiety and Panic
Back in Dec. 2014 i had my first panic attack. I had a stinger in my neck and caused my arm to hurt bad, it...More
Posted by xjeffx
MRI and Chronic Anxiety Dissorder
After three MRIs, two on my knees and one for my shoulder I have developed Chronic Anxiety syndrome....More
Posted by livingscare89crh
Panic Attacks While Driving
Hi, I've suffered panic attacks and anxiety for as long as I can remember, though I didn't always know what...More
Posted by meaganhd
Includes Expert Content
Lifetime of Anxiety, Fear, Worry, OCD
Please help! I am a 45 yr old woman who was the only child of 2 alcoholic, and prescription drug addicted...More
Posted by georgabeth
Surgery and Blood Test w/Needle Phobia
I have extremely severe needle phobia. It's almost completely unresponsive to medication; normal doses of...More
Posted by anx12
From Low Self Esteem to Anxiety
I've always had very low self esteem starting in grade school. Anxiety first showed up in high school but I...More
Posted by jim531

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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Exercise you can doExpert
Exercise is one of the most beneficial self-help techniques we know of today and more and more research is indicating its usefulness in ... More
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