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Is it mental?
When you go to restaurants, do you have to scope out the quickest route to the bathroom? Every time you eat,...More
Posted by lambertc10
anxiety and racing thoughts
My anxiety problems are based in hormonal imbalances from thyroid disease. Even though I have been dealing...More
Posted by michelle45
A week of anxiety/panic attack despit 4 mgs clonaz...
I am new here, so here goes. I have had anxiety and panic disorder for 22 years. I tried every SSRI, and...More
Posted by fanny63

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How many of you have had panic/anxiety attacks that go on for days and days, followed by disrealization for days longer?
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  • Sometimes
  • Never
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Can Anxiety cause some of my problems
I am a VET with GAD and Narcolepsy there is some indications from VA doctors that they are linked somehow. I have...More
Posted by daneg
My doctor prescribed me Citalopham, but I really d...
But I don't know if it's what I need. You can track my symptoms from my other questions, but here's a...More
Posted by keitagamii
I don't know what to do and I'm losing my mind
I work or a huge company in my area. I've noticed that one of my co-worker doesn't really do his work and...More
Posted by An_259420
Can anxiety cause this
Docs are trying to tell me that I work myself into such a state that I passout has anyone ever hear of...More
Posted by inpainalways
Work Anxiety
Anyone know how to deal with anxiety at work? I don't want pills to be the solution. Thanks.
Posted by An_259586
Overeating Issues
Hello, I'm new to these boards. I have questions as I'm not quite sure what to label my issue, if it's...More
Posted by An_259980
Anxiety Stress
I go through spells dealing with anxiety. My life is somewhat stressful and i am either at work or at home...More
Posted by An_259946
Hey, my doctor is switching me from Cipralex to Paxil for my generalized anxiety. Does anyone have any...More
Posted by whatsupbuttercup
Is it really Anxiety and Panic attacks?
This is my first time here but I'm a little frustrated and not sure who or what to try. Back in...More
Posted by worriedmylissa
Always have been different, have always felt more ...
Ever since I was quite young, I have always felt that I had something very different about me than...More
Is this the flu, anxiety, or something else?
Ive posted multiple questions describing how I was feeling at the time (out of it, fatigue, palpitations,...More
Posted by keitagamii
why is this happening to me
I have suffered all the same symptoms that you all have. I work on a school bus as an attendant.I leave the...More
Posted by gems75
Includes Expert Content
I don't know what to do anymore
I'm a 15 year-old girl I think i have anxiety because for the last several months I've felt terrible....More
Posted by anonymousteengirl
Mild anxiety
What can you do to control a very mild anxiety due to something unfinished.
Posted by An_259826
2 Days on Prozac..Are these normal side effects?
I was recently diagnosed with anxiety. I am a 33yo female in good health (overweight but otherwise healthy)....More
Posted by An_259814
Ebola Questions? Ask Now
Tell us what worries you most. We'll take your questions to leading infectious disease expert Anthony...More
Posted by atti_editor
Living with anxiety
My husband and I have been married for over 15 years and we have 4 children. He has been in therapy and...More
Posted by An_259809
Can't get out of my own mind.
Hello. I have yet to get my period for this month and it's scaring me so badly. I got it last month around...More
Posted by An_259789
What is NORMAL?
I have battled depression and anxiety and anger my entire life and I am a recovering alcoholic and...More
Posted by taraoverdepression
What could I be diagnosed with? Advice please (lon...
I have other questions with more information and details. Here's what's going on though. A few days ago I...More
Posted by keitagamii
Feeling weird after a dream
This is from the dream question I've recently posted. I've been having health fears (also see those...More
Posted by keitagamii
Weird dream, please help find the meaning
Weird dream. So I'm hanging out with a couple of fish friends, and we won this thing at the aquarium to...More
Posted by keitagamii
Includes Expert Content
Worrying too much
Hi, I am very new to this board and also new to finally facing my anxiety. I've always known that I have been...More
Posted by An_259747
Questions and Answers
Hello all, I am Dori and am 26 years old and have been bttling wth anxiety and panic disorder since I was 18....More
Posted by dori5011
need help
dont know what to do this anymore, i dont know whats wrong with me and it seems i cant get help anywere. my...More
Posted by ciajo
Experts advice on a2x anxiety product a2x anxiety...
I saw a previous question posted here but not much reviews on a2x. ...More
Posted by mariatee

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Experts please advice, does a2x anxiety product will work to beat anxiety according to their ingredients in it.
  • will it work
  • does it have good ingredients in it
  • will it cure anxiety and depression both
  • can it have any side effects
  • is it 100 erbal
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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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keep calm
taking it one day at a time helps me with my anxiety. More
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