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What is wrong with me?
I'm a 22 year old female I'll be 23 in 2 months. I've been dealing with what the doc said is anxiety since...More
Posted by mommy02975
Going Crazy
In mid July i suffered my first panic attack it scared me to death. I since then been to the ER,regular...More
Posted by An_264591
What's wrong with me is this really anxiety or som...
[br>I'm a 22 year old female I'll be 23 in 2 months. I've been dealing with what the doc said is anxiety...More
Posted by mommy02975
Is this anxiety or something else please help me!!...
I'm a 22 year old female I'll be 23 in 2 months. I've been dealing with what the doc said is anxiety since...More
Posted by An_264563
Is this anxiety I need help or is their something ...
Jessica Sign Out [a id="ct-ask-question" style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255); display: block;...More
Posted by mommy02975
I have anxiety and depression but I feel like Im d...
so to start out let me clear up what I'm already diagnosed with: anxiety/depression and Hypothyroidism. Doctors...More
Posted by Kevm46
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Aniexty from guilt
Hi I have been in a relationship with my partner for several years now I had sex with a previous partner a...More
Posted by An_263885
very depressed
I am very depressed for last two months.two months ago I sat on the hiv dried blood in hiv clinic.actually I...More
Posted by deepthrash
Includes Expert Content
Withrawal from Klonopin
About 2 1/2 years ago, I began taking 0.75 mgs of Klonopin each day (0.25 mg pill, 3 times/day). I am now...More
Posted by Bennie21
Includes Expert Content
What is wrong with me?
I apologize in advance for the length of this post but I really need some help. Last October I tried pot...More
Posted by jumpswaves
Negative UA for medications I am currently taking
I am taking my medications as prescribed by my doctor. I have several, some for anxiety and some for pain. I...More
Posted by truckmomma
Is this anxiety or something worse?
Hi everyone, When I was about 9 years old, I was diagnosed with OCD. When I was 12 I went to an outpatient...More
Posted by jpeck1996
6 yr old son anxiety
my 6 yr old son has been doing this for the past 3-4 yr he doesn't like to eat around a lot of people and...More
Posted by gentlecare
Help! I feel like im dying!! (Anxiety)
For a couple of days now my body has convinced me im having / going to have a heart t attack and die any time...More
Posted by An_264198
Can SSRI's / SNRI's cause permanent vision changes...
I ask because many years ago when they treated my IBS, they did frequently with these anti depressants. After...More
Posted by mintyfox
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need a second opinion
I have been dealing witb minor chest pains for weeks..a couple days ago my heart starting racing and i couldnt...More
Posted by nae1983
Neurologist thinks I have anxiety, I don't buy it....
Hi, I'm an 18 year old male about to leave for college(literally in three days). In January of this year I was...More
Posted by Scinto
Effexor - Weight gain while weaning off
Did you gain weight while weaning off of Effexor?
Posted by krayne77

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Did you gain weight while weaning off of Effexor?
Unipolar MDD
I just caught wind of this advanced stage of depression. I am being treated for bi-polar, but there is so...More
Posted by PapaPug32
Most severe form of Anxiety
I wanted to get some expert advice if you have ever heard of such a severe case and what your understanding...More
Posted by An_264098

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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Progressive Muscle RelaxationExpert
In addition to relaxation breathing and guided imagery, one great self-help technique that you can use anywhere (even while sitting in a ... More
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