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Anxiety disorder
I believe I have some kind of performance anxiety disorder, and would like to have an expert's opinion before...More
Posted by anon444
Disturbing events and panic
So out of the blue one day, my brain seems to go alight with sensation, feels like I'm dropping, brain...More
Posted by mintyfox
Uncontrollable, Constant Humming and Noise Making
Hi everyone. I don't know where else to post this, but I hope someone can help. Also, sorry, this is kind of...More
Posted by corn_flake
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Aniexty ? Depersilisation ?? What is this
Hiii Ive been exsperiencing a few weird things recently over the past few weeks, such as feeling...More
Posted by jadeyicecream1992
Cymbalta Anxiety withdrawal
I am having terrible anxiety and I am wondering if this is part of withdrawal from Cymbalta? Has anyone else...More
Posted by kd920
chewing excess gum tissue that really isn't there
For about two years I've felt excess gum tissue growing down the back of my top front teeth. It is loose and I...More
Posted by makura
treatment resistant depression-bipolar 2
Just wondering if you may have any suggestions for me. Lately my Panic is my biggest problem. Keeping me in...More
Posted by An_263681
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anxiety in my pre-teen
HELP! My SUPER sweet, incredibly over-achieving twelve-year-old daughter suffers greatly...More
Dr says I have serve anxiety and I cannot function...
long story but here is the back story, heart monitor, stress test, x-ray's, EKG's and multiple ER visits...More
Posted by unknownproblem
Advice for anxiety/panic disorder
Hi everyone! I'm 20 years old and the last 6 months I have been dealing with anxiety and panic disorder. I...More
Posted by elina1995
Panic / tears at work
Hi everyone, I'm hoping I can come to you for help and support. I've just heard I've passed an exam at work so...More
Posted by tacha_01
Effexor and discontinuation help.
I've been put on xanax and Effexor for symptoms they have told me is anxiety related. Those are sudden zaps in...More
Posted by mintyfox
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Anxiety And Dizziness
So for the past weekend and the start of this week I have been having anxiety, Sunday I had to walk out of...More
Posted by sarahec1

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Me Too... It's New and I'm scared
I realize this is a rather old thread but I'm freaking out here. Last week Wednesday I was driving to...More
Posted by funkychickenphx
what to do with the kids
So, I'm writing this because I am the spouse of someone with anxiety. I've have observed that the anxiety...More
Posted by cordofthree
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Underlying anxiety
Hi, Earlier this year I experience a feeling of panic in a lecture at university , while I didn't pass out and...More
Posted by opello
Sudden onset of head symptoms, am told its just An...
One day, after eating a pizza laying down and feeling a bit strange in the stomach, I got up in the event I'd...More
Posted by mintyfox
Hi There, TLDR at bottom So basically for the past, as long as i can remember i suppose, ive had a...More
oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh that's what it is truly like I am becoming crippled by this my case is...More
Posted by An_263422
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7 years old won't eat from fear of choking
My son is 7 , and he choked on an m&m over 2 weeks ago. Over the past couple weeks he was having a fear of...More
Posted by lvnmandy
Includes Expert Content
Panic while riding or pillion riding a bike
My father's age is 60 year. He is a chain smoker and habitual drinker. Past 1 year, he started suffering from...More
Posted by sharathc
Anxiety,Digestion problems,candida yeast overgrowt...
So all these symptoms have been going on for quite some time now and seems to progressively be getting...More
Posted by jennymarie08
Hey Guys I rarely post but have to jump in here. These trolls are baiting you. When you respond they win. If...More
Posted by urstupid

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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SSRIs, and anti-anxiety
I recommend Fluoxetine to help boost the seratonin in your brain, it keeps the panic away. IF you are panicky tho, nothing helps more than ... More
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