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Lonely and sad
Goodness I feel better now!!! lol Mine started when I was 18 I'm now 25 and can't get out of a controlling...More
Posted by justagirl25
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What could this possible be?
Hi, I need some help as I've got a situation that is basically spiralling out of control and has finally...More
Posted by An_256263
help me
respected doctor i was advised to to take ativan 1 ml and stalopalm plus for 10 days and i dint find the...More
Posted by mndoddamani
itchy withdrawl...
I've been on 75mg effexor xr capsules since june of last year. It wasnt until December that my heart rate...More
Posted by pandalover722

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Does anyone else experience ANGER when they have a...
I recently started a Suboxone program because I was becoming too dependent on my Clonazepam, followed by...More
Posted by Jennyb0687

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1) Does anyone else experience anger with anxiety?
2) Is anyone else on a drug that helps curve opioid and benzodiazepine cravings and do they make you angry?
3) Does anyone know of a drug that will help with the anger? If yes, please comment.
  • Yes, I too have anger or short fuse with my anxiety
  • I'm taking meds to stop cravings and I'm angry
  • I know a medication that may help with anger, I'll message you.
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Panic Problems with IBS
Dear All, I recently got diagnosed with IBS and panic disorder. My problem is, that the panic disorder has...More
Posted by blancyblanc
Hoping for hope
Hello Everyone! New to this figure I would give it a try to see if this would provide me some comfort to...More
Posted by jenygemini
Sexual Anxiety
I just started to date. Excited abou new beginnings and believe that this can be the one. However, I am...More
Posted by An_256175
Includes Expert Content
Dr. Wilson--another med. question! Morning's are w...
I've researched this on depression and found that depression is worse in the mornings--has to do with the...More
Posted by Anon_963
My Life Escapes Me
To be so bold as to face the truth I'm a 42 year old male who survived being sold into sex industry as a...More
Posted by mauiwaui4u
Panic/Anxiety attack AFTER Event
My panic/anxiety attacks seem to occur after a stressful event rather than during it. It almost seems like my...More
Posted by An_256107
feeling like you are going to die
am 19 years old and the last few months i feel like i am going to die. i don't feel like the same person i...More
Posted by caliblttl
my panic and anxiety often come in the morning
hi..I suffer this anxiety about 6 months my worst panic attacks were happening in the car - always in the...More
Posted by An_256097
Does anyone have a child with separation anxiety d...
Hi all. I have just had my 4 yr old daughter diagnosed with SAD. She also has sensory issues and is also...More
Posted by britelite10
Hypercritical Parental Introject
Hi. I'm new to this community. Looking for people to share experiences with psychotherapeutic treatment of...More
Posted by dac2430
Hey, I have not been officially diagnosed or anything, but reading the discussions I feel that I have some...More
Posted by absperry
Worried about possible comorbidity with GAD?
I have been recently diagnosed with GAD (at the age of 20), and I am currently on Effexor (75 mg). I began...More
Posted by k_flhtp
Thank you--I agree!
Thanks so much for you reply. Exactly what the therapist said. And my spouse too--a dream is just that--and it...More
Posted by Anon_963
Includes Expert Content
Hi everyone My name is Kelly and I have PTSD and anxiety the PTSD comes from medical trauma and this friday...More
Posted by kellybreen
Explanation for earlier behavior
I spent my early years drinking to access in trying to escape from the anxiety (GAD) that was present every...More
Posted by An_255948
I am currently taking 2 .05mg alprazolam for anxiety every morning. Does anyone have any experience as...More
Posted by crustytheclown
Includes Expert Content
anxiety affecting my life
For the past year and a half I have been having daily anxiety attacks. I have had a few panic attacks as...More
Posted by An_255931
feeling like i won't breathe
about 3 mos ago I started taking testosterone injections .5 mil a week, into muscle-thigh. about ten days...More
Posted by patrickkel
Includes Expert Content
About 2 years ago I was at home hanging out with a friend... He was playing games and I was on the...More
Posted by southernbabe12
I have a form of anxiety and OCD called trichotillomania. I tweeze my hair (on my legs mostly.) I was...More
Posted by Anon_60487
panic attacks
I am 47 years old and a mother of a 7 year old and for about 8 months I have gone to the ER multiple times...More
Posted by teresaslexi
Extended panic/anxiety attacks for weeks after dri...
I was wondering if this is a disorder, allergy, etc. For weeks after I drink, I have a feeling of being...More
Posted by lambofgodva93

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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Dr. Farrell's WebMD TV videosExpert
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