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need help
dont know what to do this anymore, i dont know whats wrong with me and it seems i cant get help anywere. my...More
Posted by ciajo
Experts advice on a2x anxiety product a2x anxiety...
I saw a previous question posted here but not much reviews on a2x. ...More
Posted by mariatee

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Experts please advice, does a2x anxiety product will work to beat anxiety according to their ingredients in it.
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  • will it cure anxiety and depression both
  • can it have any side effects
  • is it 100 erbal
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social anxiety
Although I have tips on social anxiety I have it preaty bad sometimes. I do feel inferior to others who...More
Posted by jubilee2008
depressed and suffering from an anxiety to leave t...
hello, i'm new to this anxiety and panic community, i've been part of the depression community for a couple...More
Posted by daynas1234
Went to the doctors, but.....
I don't know why this board doesn't have a general topic community. I'm not even sure where this goes. But...More
Posted by keitagamii
Went to the doctors, but.....
I don't know why this board doesn't have a general topic community. I'm not even sure where this goes. But...More
Posted by keitagamii
Can Stress
Can stress cause asthma attacks
Posted by An_259559
Panic Attacks
Ok so last week at work around 2 a.m. I was struck with one of the worse panic attacks of my life. I had an...More
Posted by heather411
Includes Expert Content
Can't see a way out.
I have been suffering from depression on and off for over eight years. I am currently 22. I have taken...More
Posted by wishgirl56
I need HELP!!!
I'm Struggling really bad right now. I an seem to shake this panic. I've had anxiety for about 15 years but...More
Posted by aerwin2323
anxiety attacks
Here lately I have been suffering from anxiety attacks. However, they hit for no reason at all. Problem I...More
Posted by jessiegrinder
Includes Expert Content
anxiety and stomach issues
I found out i have anxiety about 5 years ago. For a year i was extremely sick. Threw up at least 3 times a day,...More
Posted by cml06
Includes Expert Content
my anxiety interferes with my life
For a few years now I have seriously have anxiety over any and everything. My low self esteem and awkwardness...More
Posted by An_259420
Includes Expert Content
Dr. Wilson: Withdrawal from anti-dep. med question
Is it common, when one has to stop an anti-dep. to find it difficult?[br>Having tried a few and not making...More
Posted by Anon_963
could my 7 year old girl have some form of OCD?
My girl has some quirky behaviors. I remember she had a blanket she would not get rid of our leave behind...More
Posted by An_259554
I am 46 years old and not in the greatest health. I have always had anxiety issues but lately they seem to be...More
Posted by An_259553
I am having the same issues. With Energy surging w...
I'm 34 and am in fairly good physical shape. I take care of myself as much as possible. I smoke Pot due to...More
Posted by kusakk
Anxiety effecting school preformance
Hello I am a college student, and throughout the last few years i've noticed my anxiety increasing more and...More
Posted by An_259529
Feeling lost and controlled by SEVERE anxiety.
I am 20 years old, and a female. For a little less than a year now, I have had what I can only...More
Social Anxiety
Can anyone tell me the symptom's and how I can go getting some help for this. While I may seem just fine on...More
Posted by An_259485
I'm having the same issue!! So stressed too!!
Wow I started crying reading this, I honestly felt so alone but to hear that other people know what I'm going...More
Posted by An_259482
Social Anxiety and Tremors.
Hello my name is Sam and i am a 19y/o Male. Throughout my life i've always had a minor social anxiety...More
Posted by crunchybutter
Includes Expert Content
anxiety attacks
Im 37 and in june I lost my mother who was my bestfriend . knowone can say why she passed and since than I get...More
Posted by bizzy850
panic attack
Hello I'm tom I'm 24yrs old and I suffer from anxiety if I had a panic attack or feel like I have a panic...More
Posted by tom149
Allergic to birds (HELP)
So my brother started mining budgies and parakeets in our back yard about two years ago....about 20 pairs of...More
Posted by njames24
dad anger
sir, please help, my dad met with accident 2 months back there was blood clot in his brain now he s...More
Posted by ksoumyareddygk
Includes Expert Content
My 9 years old son observing anxiety and abdominal...
Hi, [br>Every day my child observed anxiety early in the morning, and he does not go to school, he cry...More
Posted by aajiz_ameen
Over Sleeping
I've been dating a guy for the past almost 4 years. I've noticed he can become distant sometimes when he is...More
Posted by zbell
Anxiety and Panic Disorder
Hi! I am new to this forum, but I am definitely not new to Anxiety and Panic, I have been suffering from this...More
Posted by An_259340

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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My dr. just prescribe me Lexapro.. i just feel nervous taking it. does anyone have any thoughts about it. More
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