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Severe anxiety ptsd as well
I've had anxiety all my life and tho I'm 50 something I thought it would get better but it's getting...More
Posted by bubbles_bobble
Reoccuring Anxiety
For a while I haven't had anxiety, but lately I've had a general feeling of unease and reoccurring...More
Posted by jessebenefiel

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Sister's anxiety about wedding.
My sister's wedding is is planned to happen soon. She is troubling with all sorts of anxiety issues these...More
Posted by emmareeves
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Anxiety or heart issues
Hi, im a 29 year old male in pretty good shape. All my issues started when I was 14. One day playing...More
Posted by supersonicramjet
Anxiety and ADHD
Hey people I am new here on the site! I just wanted know what struggles you guys have with ADHD and...More
Posted by heyyitscecegal
Mental or Physical?
Male, Age 29, 5'10", 170 lbs, Active, Use Smokeless Tobacco I was born with aortic valve stenosis. I played...More
Posted by jdk0087
New MD
I feel like I need to find a new Psych MD. I don't feel that I am getting the attention that I need, the...More
Posted by Fairykitty29
New to Anxiety and Panic
Back in Dec. 2014 i had my first panic attack. I had a stinger in my neck and caused my arm to hurt bad, it...More
Posted by xjeffx
MRI and Chronic Anxiety Dissorder
After three MRIs, two on my knees and one for my shoulder I have developed Chronic Anxiety syndrome....More
Posted by livingscare89crh
Panic Attacks While Driving
Hi, I've suffered panic attacks and anxiety for as long as I can remember, though I didn't always know what...More
Posted by meaganhd
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Lifetime of Anxiety, Fear, Worry, OCD
Please help! I am a 45 yr old woman who was the only child of 2 alcoholic, and prescription drug addicted...More
Posted by georgabeth
Surgery and Blood Test w/Needle Phobia
I have extremely severe needle phobia. It's almost completely unresponsive to medication; normal doses of...More
Posted by anx12
From Low Self Esteem to Anxiety
I've always had very low self esteem starting in grade school. Anxiety first showed up in high school but I...More
Posted by jim531
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I am anxious?
Hi, I am a 28yo male, about 12.9 stone, 5,11 in height. About 3 months a go I had my first panic attack...More
Posted by An_262591
Panic attacks cause from viral infection?
Hi, my names Matt i'm 25yrs old. Eleven weeks ago i came down with a bad viral cold infection. Which I...More
Posted by sfgiants1
Aniexty and panic attacks
Has anyone ever had aniexty and panic attacks so bad I had to resign after 8 years now I filed for disability...More
Posted by An_262559
Aniexty and panic attacks
Has anyone ever had aniexty and panic attacks so bad I had to resign after 8 years now I filed for disability...More
Posted by An_262559
Aniexty and panic attacks
Has anyone ever had aniexty and panic attacks so bad I had to resign after 8 years now I filed for disability...More
Posted by An_262559
Includes Expert Content
Anxiety causing panic attacks
Anxiety is one of the hardest things ive ever had to deal with, and it never came on until i was about 19, i am...More
Posted by jintacc
Do I need a psychiatrist?
Hello. Whenever I'm very upset about something or highly pressured, I hit my head as hard as I could because...More
Posted by An_262524
I can't help but feel like something is always wro...
I have anxiety and depression, I'm a 21 year old female and it's ruining my life. I'm constantly afraid...More
Posted by anxiousinia
How do you cope when the anxiety is out of control...
Hi everyone. I have anxiety and at times it sets off panic attacks. I've seen therapists and have...More
Posted by waitingonthatshoe
A few days into Zoloft....
I just had to go back on Zoloft for bad anxiety after being off it for a while. I forgot how bad the...More
Posted by southernmom410
Lexapro & St Johns Wort
Hello I recently purchased some St Johns Wort to help with anxiety/depression. I've only been taking it the past...More
Posted by msz555
anxiety over having to move
I'm 40 and live with my twin sister and our cat. We are both on disability because of anxiety disorders (yes,...More
Posted by inpain34
My anxiety has destroyed my life
My anxiety has been out of control for so long that I've lost friends, family, self-confidence and so much...More
Posted by starryt88
Includes Expert Content
I can't find a therapist to help me
I have social anxiety and there is no therapist in my city that has any experience with working with...More
Posted by An_262449
Includes Expert Content
multiple sclerosis and anxiety
I have multiple sclerosis and anxiety. .I'm used to my anxiety attacks but within the last 2 months I'm...More
Posted by msandme1031
Includes Expert Content
Anyone have strange or fearful thoughts.
I am on my third week of prozac only 10mg. I also take welbutrin 150 mg. got from my pcp for anxiety....More
Posted by An_262328

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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SSRIs, and anti-anxiety
I recommend Fluoxetine to help boost the seratonin in your brain, it keeps the panic away. IF you are panicky tho, nothing helps more than ... More
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