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I feel like part of my brain shouldn't be there.
Hello, Since I hit puberty I have suffered from severe depression. I was technically undiagnosed until...More
Posted by clutch21
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Dizzy fuzzy head
For the last several weeks I've been experiencing a strange feeling in my head. It hits at no particular time...More
Posted by An_258442
Same problem here!!!!!
I was looking up why i have this problem and i came across this website all of the stories sound like mine...More
Posted by An_258416
Includes Expert Content
I'm 15 and I need help
I'm a girl, and I think I have anxiety. One day I was thinking and the thought of hurting others popped...More
Posted by freeicecream
withdrawal? side effects? he
I was started on Zyprexa on Thursday night. This replaced my seroquel. Starting Friday I was really dizzy....More
Posted by carrie72120
anxiety for 40 years
Does anyone out there suffer from anxiety due to bullying In school? I was also raped when I was 21 and had...More
Posted by An_258353
Weaning From Zoloft. Interesting Side Effects. Hel...
I was on 100MG of Zoloft for about a year, and for the past couple of months I have been slowly weaning...More
Posted by eric_champlin
Anxiety attacks
How long should one wait after consuming alcohol, to use lorazapam for their anxiety?
Posted by jenny01092
Hi my name is Travis I am having anxiety problems an I need help. I feel like I don't feel my self an I keep...More
Posted by An_258317
I'm 15 and I'm a mess
Hi I'm a 15 year old girl, and I think I have anxiety Lately I've been feeling really scared and panicky....More
Posted by freeicecream
Hi im jose im only 18 and I fear loud bass music it doesnt even have to be next to me it can be miles down but...More
Posted by josele
Im having a nervous breakdown but nobody is taking...
I suffer from a panic disorder, and have been taking zoloft 100mg for over 3 years. It helps, but...More
Posted by kristenthompson84
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Health Issues from Anxiety or Stress? REALLY Need ...
On July 13th school ended and I started having stomach problems. My symptoms: Mornings I have gas and soft...More
Posted by pompeii16
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HELP! DOES anyone else have this feeling?! Please ...
Hello, I first started getting this strange sensation a couple months ago. The first time, i was just sitting...More
Posted by kechase
Lemon Balm and Xanax
Hey all, first post on here, so hoping all goes well. I've been told Lemon Balm can be an excellent way to...More
Posted by lemonader83
Nervousness, stress anxious, ball of confusion
Anxiety stress fast heartbeat ! I don't get it when I awake I'm feeling anxious about the confusion...More
Posted by ballofconfuion59
Includes Expert Content
I'm not really sure what's wrong, and I'd like hel...
So my parents definitely will not take me seriously with this at all, so I've come here, hoping I can get a...More
Posted by An_258251
Tense throat muscle and uncontrolled movement of l...
I have continuous cyclic muscle contraction in my throat which is painful and disturbing. It is going on...More
Posted by An_258238
Hey, I'm new so don't hate :P
So only recently I have decided to do something about my anxiety. It's kind of a mix between social anxiety...More
Posted by serplicity
Lorazapam for Anxiety
I had a few beers about 12 hours ago, Does anyone know if I can take 1/2 mg Lorazapam now?
Posted by An_258210
Aniexty Attacks
I recently have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, I was initially prescribed Paxil after one week the...More
Posted by An_258198
Includes Expert Content
Aniexty Attacks
I recently have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, I was initially prescribed Paxil after one week the...More
Posted by An_258198
PTSD Triggered Episode
Hello everyone! I had a very short surge of panic this morning at the office. I'm coming out of a...More
Posted by whatsupbuttercup

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Not heLthy
"Every time after sex when I go to sleep. Waking up is scary cause my left arm feel like air in it and I feel...More
Posted by An_258191
PTSD in Severe panic and flashback land
I have been prey to multiple horrific attacks. Some days I am a ball of fear and nothing more. when I go out...More
Posted by briannama
Includes Expert Content
I have been in treatment for 25 years and I have been diagnosed with treatment resistant major depression,...More
Posted by An_258170
Effexor withdrawal and symptoms
Hi, I was taking 75mg Venlafaxin for 10 years. I tried going down to 37.5 and was feeling the withdrawal...More
Posted by An_258165
Ativan withdrawal???
Two weeks ago I had a severe panic attack. I was in the ER twice in one weekend. They gave me Ativan (1mg) and a...More
Posted by kle214
Effexor Xr nightmatre
I was on this god awful drug for 5 years. I was slowly tapered down from 150 a day to 37.5 a day over 3...More
Posted by An_258127
5 HTP Extended Release - Need real reviewers feedb...
I'm thinking that the majority of people in this community are sincere and I'm hoping to get feedback as to...More
Posted by Anon_67284

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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Exercise you can doExpert
Exercise is one of the most beneficial self-help techniques we know of today and more and more research is indicating its usefulness in ... More
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