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Klonopin - When should I take it?
FNP put me on 0.5 MG BID Klonopin. I was previously taking the max dose of Buspar... which had little to no...More
Posted by An_260522
anxiety blocking endorphin, dopamine, seratonin, e...
I noticed I don't feel these emotions as much anymore. What about you?
Posted by vibranthealth
Severe anxiety and pregnant
I've been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for some years now I've been able to minimize the attacks...More
Posted by An_260463
Struggling with Anxiety (in high school)
Hi Im a 15 year old girl and I think I have 2 anxiety disorders: GAD and SAD. It started November...More
Posted by anonymousteengirl
Panic Disorder and medicine side effects VS actual...
Good afternoon! I am a 31 year old wife and mother of 2 young boys. I have been diagnosed with OCD and Panic...More
Posted by An_260437
Dr. Wilson or anyone: I posted this on the dep. bo...
Your thoughts on why depression seems to be worse in the morning! I read that the brain chemical, serotonin,...More
Posted by Anon_963
Includes Expert Content
anxiety and alcohol
Why does every time That I drink a glass of wine does it make me feel major anxiety and have panic attacks. I...More
Posted by kate_08
Stress induced anaphylaxis or Peanut allergy
My 16 year old daughter is severely allergic to peanuts. Her test result #s have always been > 6 &...More
Posted by An_260393
Health-related anxiety
Hi Everyone, I have a lot of anxiety related to my own mortality. It started after I had kids (5 years old...More
Posted by autumn06
Panic attack caused by falling asleep on arm
Hey guys, I have a problem that's been troubling me for some time now. I can't remember when it exactly...More
Posted by stevebl
Includes Expert Content
Need help desperately
For the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing episodes of what I believe to be panic/anxiety attacks....More
Posted by jessetee
Hello, Am I Hypertensive or Is it just an effect o...
Hello again. I'm 22 years old male. I'm a very very anxious person but I don't know if it is already a...More
Posted by An_260321

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ANEXITY, fear, and frustratio
Hello, feeling happy to be here with hope please read complete simple reason that is nothing but killing me...More
Posted by An_260319
Lexapro and alcohol
I went to the doctor to get some meds for Anxiety - mainly because I was drinking too much as a way to deal...More
Posted by maxsfather
Includes Expert Content
What is "as needed"....? Xanax
I went to the doctor for some bouts of anxiousness. I wouldn't call it panic attacks per se, but I would get...More
Posted by maxsfather
Includes Expert Content
I had a really tough year (lost 3 family members in 3 months) and was experiencing bouts of "anxiety". I...More
Posted by maxsfather
Extreme Needle Phobia
I have reached the point where I fear I could be endangering myself due to my severe needle-phobia. I am 26...More
Posted by An_260277
Tired rapid cycling
I have been a rapid cycler for more than 25 years and have had enough as I can change several times during...More
Posted by An_260254
Includes Expert Content
Dr. Wilson: Question about physical symptoms and i...
I know some symptoms are related, like upset stomach, trembling, etc. But I have a physical problem--inner...More
Posted by Anon_963
Includes Expert Content
I have a problem with anxiety when I meet new people. Any suggestions?
Posted by An_259873
annoying tick
Ever since I've taken Zoloft, I've had this annoying tick of picking at the side of my nails, so much so its...More
Posted by An_260206
Will I get better
I suffer from panoc disorder and latley I have negative thoughts that things will hurt me or happen to me I...More
Posted by ann450
Includes Expert Content
Am I gonna die???
I feel dizzy,my heart beats faster. I feel like I'll passout. I panic, and people say I'm mentally retarted,...More
Posted by An_260161
Includes Expert Content
Is it mental?
When you go to restaurants, do you have to scope out the quickest route to the bathroom? Every time you eat,...More
Posted by lambertc10
anxiety and racing thoughts
My anxiety problems are based in hormonal imbalances from thyroid disease. Even though I have been dealing...More
Posted by michelle45
A week of anxiety/panic attack despit 4 mgs clonaz...
I am new here, so here goes. I have had anxiety and panic disorder for 22 years. I tried every SSRI, and...More
Posted by fanny63

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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Dr. Farrell's WebMD TV videosExpert
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