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Anxiety help kit
My boyfriend suffers from anxiety and I am trying to make an "anxiety kit" that will help him calm down or at...More
Posted by mona112
Retraining the Mind and Body
Hello all, An anxiety sufferer my whole life, I am now getting to a much better place after some very...More
Posted by comingbacktolife
Tapering off Effexor 300 mgs EX
I am taking 300 mgs a day- 150 am and 150 mid afternoon - it makes me not cry and less agitated and no power...More
Posted by An_262029
Anxiety vs Cardiac issue
First, let me say, I have no issues with palpitations, chest pain, SOB, etc. when I'm actively walking,...More
Posted by An_262013
Includes Expert Content
Arms and Legs feeling like your nerves are super-a...
I have been diagnosed with GAD, PTSD and moderate Agoraphobia for a few months now and am adjusting. However,...More
Posted by An_262010
Has anyone or is anyone on lithium? I have been going through depression, fear, anxiety for the last 3 years...More
Posted by jeap1313
Health Anxiety
I have suffered from anxiety for years off and on and currently am on and have been for a few years now....More
Posted by jujulang
Worried about symptoms
I have been taking sertraline for 9 years now for anxiety/depression/PTSD. I had a really bad episode in...More
Posted by timmysbacon1
Includes Expert Content
Anxiety hereditary
Does anyone dealing with anxiety and depression have others in their family dealing with it? I have been on...More
Posted by Spiderbabe
Includes Expert Content
Severe anxiety
did not realize that I was having anxiety recently. I thought I was having some weird ration to a new...More
Posted by sittingbull594
panic attacks
was feeling okay intill about 30 min ago. it started again. minus the crying. i have been getting panic...More
Posted by cindy6269
stress panic attacts
all of a sudden my heart is racing i am hyperventaling crying shortness of breath.. i cant control this. i...More
Posted by An_261813
Skin tingles/zings/feels like something is crawlin...
For the past few month, I have had a sensation on my skin. It feels like something is cralwing on me or...More
Posted by mawaridi1
Panic attacks - how I feel
My mind races, and I get caught up in the moment. ALmost like I freeze momentarily.
Posted by An_261760
No help
I am seeking help for extreme anxitey/panic/depression but I cannot find a provider under my insurance plan...More
Posted by An_261725
Anxiety, digestion, chest pain
Hi everyone After a long time I have decided to reach out and see if anyone else has experienced similar,...More
Posted by taylarins
I am 64yrs old and sustained hot flashes and night...
Hi , I am a Female, 64 yrs old and have continued to suffer the effects of hot flashes and night sweats for...More
Posted by An_261709
Advise please
This is so hard for me to explain im try my best I've been having really had anxiety past few days and im...More
Posted by tiffie22
Includes Expert Content
I don't see how this sight is supposed to help people whenever it takes forever to get people to talk about...More
Posted by tigercat234
Does anyone take either Klonipin or Topamax
I have tried many pills in my life, for either for my anxiety, sleeplessness or depression. I finally a good...More
Posted by cindigal
Panic Attack
So I've delt with anxiety and depression for the past 5 years of my life and I've been on antidepressants for...More
Posted by An_261634
Why do people constantly talk about change? But nothing ever does. Why do people feel so entitle today? Why...More
Posted by An_261622

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Reid Wilson, PhD is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books translated into nine languages. He is author of Don...More

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SSRIs, and anti-anxiety
I recommend Fluoxetine to help boost the seratonin in your brain, it keeps the panic away. IF you are panicky tho, nothing helps more than ... More
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