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By day I am a customer service agent working with prescription insurance, I love serving my customers. I really anjoy making a positive difference when it's possible to do that. I am owned by two cats, a floofy calico and a tortoiseshell retriever. By night I am an artist working in acrylics, watercolors, graphite, and pastels.

Curious parties can see my art at
My novel, "The Dice of Fate," can be seen here:

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Reply: Extreme Needle Phobia
The first step is to tell yourself you have control over your mind. Whether it feels like...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: I can't stop humming...Help!
To all the folks who have trouble with humming, have you tried mindfullness meditation?...More
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Reply: Worrying too much
You kind of sound like my spouse. She's hyper aware of everything, she is very easily...More
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Reply: Mild anxiety
Assuming you can't just finish whatever is unfinished, it will probably help to do some...More
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Reply: Ebola Questions? Ask Now
This is awesome! I hope a lot of people join in with questions. I'm personally curious...More
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Reply: Can't get out of my own mind.
Honestly, I'd say it's more likely that your nerves are delaying your period than that...More
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Reply: Weird dream, please help find the meaning
It could be the effect of the THC in your brain, or it could be due to feelings that you...More
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Reply: anxiety attacks
As we all must do who can't afford a doctor, learn all you can about anxiety. Learn your...More
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Reply: I need HELP!!!
If you run away from the anxiety, it will make it stronger. Basically you are giving in...More
Posted by rohvannyn
Reply: Can Stress
Definitely. Stress is famous for causing shortness of breath and making your asthma worse.
Posted by rohvannyn