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losing faith in allergists
Last visit not real happy new prevea dr. who don't like to give out rescue inhalers ! his logic is good, he...More
Posted by wezman
Reply: my 4yr old has asthma
Hi, my sister has asthma, my doc suggested her humidifier and also some natural remedies that actually...More
Posted by lisacolnett
Reply: Duct Work Cleaning
Hello. Yuck!!! It sounds like you need a dehumidifier. Have your HVAC person install a unit that monitors...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: At wit's end - asthmatic teen
Thank you both. Her lung function testing confirmed true asthma. They also think she has reflux and allergies. ...More
Posted by kbh75
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Reply: Symbicort and acid reflux
was just here looking to find if any others had issues with Symbicort & indigestion. I have & had...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: How long should I use Symbicort?
Hello, I don't know who told you that asthma is a form of COPD but it is not. The difference is that COPD is...More
Posted by sgbl88
since ive been doing more cardio related excercise my attacks seem to have lessoned
Posted by An_260226
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Reply: Parents with Kids who have Asthma
My 6 yrs son couldn't sleep at nights for months,sneezing, coughing and nose block. So many visits to...More
Posted by An_260218
Cold air blast
The cold air is is really affecting my asthma ! Every time I go out side I pay for it hard coughing wheezing...More
Posted by wezman
Reply: Azithromycin or doxycycline
Hi, I have heard of long term clarithromycin for asthma control. Mainly this is used to treat neutrophilic...More
Posted by sgbl88
work outs
by the time youve reached 30 years of ages your bones slowly lose mas. Therefore it is very important to work...More
Posted by An_260154
Reply: Rainbow Vacuum, Does it work?
Please see my review on ebay ...More
Posted by calliegal50
have been working out and it seems to help me More
Posted by diesel93
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doTerra Breath
Has anyone had success with doTerra Breathe essential oil blend? I have a coworker who says it has significantly...More
Posted by ahy100
Excercise has helped my asthma more than anything else.
Posted by cwhite8178
Inhalers stopped helping
I have had asthma for 40 years. Lately I have been on QVAR and ProAir (the latter as needed only). In the...More
Posted by benny1234
Reply: Winter Seems To Be the Worst
Winter is a real bad time for me! Missed 20 days of work last year good thing my employer was cool about it ....More
Posted by wezman
Mine is worse in the spring
Posted by An_260004

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Muscle Cramps from Symbicort
Posted by jld6165

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Does anyone else have muscle cramps while taking symbicort?
Dry Powder Inhalers (DPI) Survey
Hello everyone, I am not sure where on the forum I could post this, but I'll give it a go here. I'm Chris...More
Posted by ctriantafyl
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Reply: Polar Bear Plunge - Can I do it?
I took the plunge last year and while a great cause, and equally fun event -- it gave a serious jolt to my...More
Posted by luwho_am
Great Tool
This is a great pleace to interact.
Posted by An_259959
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Flovent making me feel worse?
Im just reading this for the first time. My daughter has experienced the same thing you had talked about. I...More
Posted by allgirls111
Posted by An_259920
Reply: Bruising thin skin
Hi I am sorry to hear about your problems. I take 650 mg aspirin every day. I bruise very easily as well. I...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: Asthma Prevention
Hi, Everyone is different. The best prevention is to know your triggers and avoid them, but that is impossible...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: Time of Year
Like Cwille said, it depends on your triggers and allergies. For some people it is spring tree pollen for others...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: asthma along with high blood pressure
Just from my experience alone, I take blood pressure med, my blood pressure doesn't increase, only after i start...More
Posted by cwille
Reply: I have terrible muscle cramps from Symbicort. Any...
Go online and there are coupons for Advair and Symbicort, huge savings, free coupons online.
Posted by jldins
Enlarged heart from severe asthma
My wife has been hospitalize for 6 days, first 3 in ICU. Unlike the 2-3 times per year that she has been...More
Posted by william1959

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Inhaler UseExpert
For those who use daily inhaled steroids (controller medication) make sure to rinse out your mouth with water or brush your teeth after ... More
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