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Reply: Asthma support group
I am so sorry to hear of everything that your son is going through, and I can certainly see how it would...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Ashma Questinos
I do not think he has asthma. You should have him do lung function tests. Take him off of all the meds. It...More
Posted by ellebell3027
Reply: Thought it was Exercise-Induced Asthma
This is very strange. I do not think you should get the surgery again because if it didn't work the first...More
Posted by ellebell3027
Reply: I have terrible muscle cramps from Symbicort. Any...
When the foot and toe cramps wake me up at night I rub on a muscle relaxant cream (Voltaren) - almost...More
Posted by lindamag
Reply: Sports Induced Asthma?
Here is some information on adult-onset asthma as well as some information on exercise-induced asthma ...More
Posted by atti_editor
xolair not working after 4th injection
after my 1st xolair injection I was off prednisone in 10 days. And after my 2nd and 3rd inections I was...More
Posted by An_260866
Advair goes up and up
I have used this medication for many years. It changed my life! After years of swallowing big pills and feeling...More
Posted by cynth48
Reply: Long-Term Asthma Control Medication?
Hi there! I'm many years older than you, but was first diagnosed with asthma at 6 I believe. That means I'm...More
Posted by jamib1979
Reply: my 4yr old has asthma
I've been an asthmatic since the age of three and I'm still only in my teenage years so the memories of the...More
Posted by joliems09
Reply: Losing my voice after a asthma attack.
Ive been asthmatic since infancy, some 40 years now. This week for the first time I've lost my voice. No...More
Posted by macislil1
Possible Asthma attack after ten years
I had asthma when I was a kid but haven't had an attack in ten years. On Friday I had a severe attack,...More
Posted by An_260593
Reply: Asthma going on 4 yrs. I hate it...
I'm so sorry everything is happening so quickly and so painfully. But I too am an asthmatic. My name Is...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: lung pain from albuteral
The amount you're using seems excessive, but I've had identical reactions from 2 puffs during my 2nd...More
Posted by itsnotinmyhead
Reply: asthma without lung sounds
Thank you so much for sharing this. These are two issues that come up frequently on the board. 1) All too...More
Posted by sgbl88

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Reply: symbicort symptom
I tried Symbicort for a while. After a couple days I had that happen to me as well. After a few more days that...More
Posted by sgbl88
symbicort symptoms
Don't have experience with this drug but i sometimes get like this with prednisone and too much caffeine know...More
Posted by wezman
Reply: losing faith in allergists
-Sonya : I really appreciate the sound advice I have already changed doctors and have an appointment.I feel...More
Posted by wezman
Reply: Rainbow Vacuum, Does it work?
I own a Roomba robotic cleaner and a SEBO vacuum cleaner I bought online from the shop Vacmaster. I use...More
Posted by janelewter
Reply: Is this asthma
Hi, You should definitely have this checked out. It does sound like asthma to me, but only a doctor can...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: Duct Work Cleaning
Hello. Yuck!!! It sounds like you need a dehumidifier. Have your HVAC person install a unit that monitors...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: At wit's end - asthmatic teen
Thank you both. Her lung function testing confirmed true asthma. They also think she has reflux and allergies. ...More
Posted by kbh75
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Symbicort and acid reflux
was just here looking to find if any others had issues with Symbicort & indigestion. I have & had...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: How long should I use Symbicort?
Hello, I don't know who told you that asthma is a form of COPD but it is not. The difference is that COPD is...More
Posted by sgbl88
since ive been doing more cardio related excercise my attacks seem to have lessoned
Posted by An_260226
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Reply: Parents with Kids who have Asthma
My 6 yrs son couldn't sleep at nights for months,sneezing, coughing and nose block. So many visits to...More
Posted by An_260218
Cold air blast
The cold air is is really affecting my asthma ! Every time I go out side I pay for it hard coughing wheezing...More
Posted by wezman
Reply: Azithromycin or doxycycline
Hi, I have heard of long term clarithromycin for asthma control. Mainly this is used to treat neutrophilic...More
Posted by sgbl88
work outs
by the time youve reached 30 years of ages your bones slowly lose mas. Therefore it is very important to work...More
Posted by An_260154
have been working out and it seems to help me More
Posted by diesel93
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doTerra Breath
Has anyone had success with doTerra Breathe essential oil blend? I have a coworker who says it has significantly...More
Posted by ahy100

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Asthma InhalersExpert
There are several types of inhalers for asthma. Some inhalers (inhaled steroids) are controller medications that are used on a daily basis ... More
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