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Reply: Breathing issues with clouded thinking.
Hello mnr725, I have recently been diagnosed with mold illness (not an allergy) after being sick for 6 yrs....More
Posted by deluxehd
Reply: Peak flow numbers and when to call specialist.
No problem. Hope all goes well. In my case, the doctor gave me instructions of what to do if the peak flow...More
Posted by amcate
Reply: Bronchial Thermoplasty - Anyone Having Complicatio...
I started a FB page for people interested in sharing their knowledge or experiences with the Bronchial...More
Posted by kenok
Reply: Bronchial Thermoplasty
I started a FB page for people interested in sharing their knowledge or experiences with the Bronchial...More
Posted by kenok
Reply: Cure it allready
The CFC containing albuteral inhalers were pulled from the market anyway! Leaving me with no generic...More
Posted by rohvannyn

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Reply: thin skin and steroid use
wow you just described my situation to a T. I'm so glad i found this site. My arms look like i'm a junkie....More
Posted by sueb100000
Reply: Lung Function Tests and Inhaler Usage?
I was just reading your posts, i have to agree with amcate, most of my pulminary function tests came back...More
Posted by cwille
Reply: How Does Asthma Affect Running?
I'm having to rest the hip right now as it flared up, so was looking at youtube. If you put in "disability...More
Posted by amcate
Reply: another asthma question
Thank you for your reply....and yes I have given it serious thought on seeing another specialist.
Posted by rvm1234
Reply: Asthma and weight gain
Thank you for your reply. I'm so sorry to hear you have been unwell and have suffered all these...More
Posted by charliesangels07
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Reply: Allergic asthma & hypersensitivity... So frustrate...
Wheeze, try MSM (METHYL SULFONYL METHANE) to reduce your allergies. Its not immediate, but after about 3...More
Posted by veroctopus
Reply: Dizziness???
An_ ask the pharmacist for the information on the drug. I bet dizziness and nausea are on that list. You are...More
Posted by veroctopus
Reply: Hi New Here and have some questions
Barbiee, as someone who's been labelled with asthma for 20yrs, Ive tried to keep my meds to the absolute...More
Posted by veroctopus
Reply: Tired All the Time
Quite a number of asthma medications "steal" magesium from your body. Try a magnesium supplement or better...More
Posted by veroctopus
Reply: Replacement for Drixoral
I take a supplement called MSM (METHYL SULFONYL METHANE) and its helped massively with my allergies. 10 yrs...More
Posted by veroctopus
Reply: fish oil and petechia
Removing all grain products (gluten) from my diet took away all my hand and joint arthritis. I still eat...More
Posted by veroctopus
Reply: Steroids and vision changes
I had 2 steroids shots in my back (L5/L3-4) for my sciatic pain, 6 weeks ago, then approx. at the same time, my...More
Posted by aog2014
Reply: Xolair?
The only thing that helped my asthma was Xolair.
Posted by twrenn69
HAPPY 4th July
Happy 4th july to all my asthmatic brothers and sisters on the web md asthma community site. Take care hope you...More
Posted by wezman
Reply: Xolair/Asthma
Thanks for the input. Since I was last on this blog, I actually had a couple of severe issues. I was admitted...More
Posted by stevedi
Reply: New to Asthma-have questions
I don't know what is happening with you, but sometimes I have pain in my lungs during a flare. Usually, it feels...More
Posted by amcate
Should i talk about personal problems with my doct...
Talk to your doctor
Posted by petroboy
Reply: 8 yr old with incessant cough
and no dx of asthma-ever
Posted by cat_u
Reply: Pain when breathing
talk to your doctor. some people do not have the regular symptons. I had pneumonia without any symptons...More
Posted by christgirl1963
Reply: asthma
or try a different medicine. symbocort didn't help me. I am now on flovent and spariva. are those the...More
Posted by christgirl1963
Reply: Sulfite Allergy & Xolair Shots
I have taken xolair shots for a little over a year now. I went from barely being able to breathe to...More
Posted by christgirl1963
Reply: My Mother-in-law is just hateful because I have be...
I have severe asthma also. pollen, dust as well as other things can put me into an asthma attack. I have...More
Posted by christgirl1963

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Reply: rights of a asthmatic child
in the meantime have her wear a painters mask. our neighbor does not burn tires but they have cookouts...More
Posted by christgirl1963
Reply: Severe Asthma??
it is going to take more then two doses of xolair to notice a difference. I have been on it for a year....More
Posted by christgirl1963
Reply: Confused and Frustrated
My allergist said that omega 3 and antioxidants should help since they have anti inflammatory effects. However,...More
Posted by amcate

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Asthma InhalersExpert
There are several types of inhalers for asthma. Some inhalers (inhaled steroids) are controller medications that are used on a daily basis ... More
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