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At wit's end - asthmatic teen
Hello. My daughter is 13 and is having an asthmatic flare that has last 15 days now. It is by far the worst...More
Posted by An_259863
Asthma Prevention
What has been the most effective preventative medication? I normally just use my Albuterol inhaler but my...More
Posted by An_259844
Reply: Time of Year
have had asthma now for about 7 years , it got real bad in 2009 , i haven't found anytime that is worse or...More
Posted by cwille
Reply: asthma along with high blood pressure
Just from my experience alone, I take blood pressure med, my blood pressure doesn't increase, only after i start...More
Posted by cwille
Reply: I have terrible muscle cramps from Symbicort. Any...
Go online and there are coupons for Advair and Symbicort, huge savings, free coupons online.
Posted by jldins
Enlarged heart from severe asthma
My wife has been hospitalize for 6 days, first 3 in ICU. Unlike the 2-3 times per year that she has been...More
Posted by william1959
Reply: Bruising thin skin
Hi. don't exactly fit into this group as I don't have asthma. I do, however, have breathing problems. The...More
Posted by tresvick
Reply: Having a rough time lately
Thanks for your reply cwille. I am in Australia, and am not aware of those drugs? I have read a fair bit about...More
Posted by desart
Having a rough time lately reply
I was not able to reply the usual way for some reason. One suggestion you could ask your doctor about is...More
Posted by klynn1960
Reply: Having Breathing Difficulty but O2 Level at 99%
having an asthma attack and your 02 being at 99 percent isn't a bad thing i have had asthma now for 7 years in...More
Posted by cwille
Reply: anyone have experience with nasal polyps and asthm...
Thank you for that info Sonya. I think you posted on another question of mine in the past about this. My asthma...More
Posted by joleel
Posted by An_259704

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Reply: Advair vs. Symbicort
Advair is about four times the price of Symbicort and Dulera. SonyaMore
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: How Does Asthma Affect Running?
choo_chu: I have a similar story. I had asthma as a kid when I had bronchitis, but in the past few...More
Posted by want2bhealthytoo
Feel lost & not sure how to follow up with my PCP ...
Family history: My sister & dad have rhinitis. My mom has chronic cough and her PCP said it's allergic...More
Posted by jksc06
Reply: Confused: Daily symbicort intake-still diminished ...
Thank you! In the middle of seeing 2 different drs for this now. They have mentioned the aspirin reaction and...More
Posted by joleel
Reply: Asthma worsening?
I think that the best thing that you can do would be to speak with your doctor about what you are...More
Posted by atti_editor
Daily Asthma
Keep your inhaler on person at all times. Check the weather frequently and plan for events that you know...More
Posted by An_259567
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Reply: Dealing with Asthma and daily life
Hey I have been using an IQAir air purifier which has helped me a lot towards my asthma. I leave it on during...More
Posted by domino42
That's decent
That's awesooooome!
Posted by Justine64551
Reply: Fatigue
are you taking any vitamin supplements? b12? a multi?
Posted by familyfirst25
Reply: Rainbow Vacuum, Does it work?
it works, but its a pain in the butt to set up and lug around!!
Posted by familyfirst25
chemical irritants
my nephew recently moved in with us, and has severe asthma. He uses an inhaler, but he was still having...More
Posted by familyfirst25
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Herbs to the Rescue
My horse herbalist suggested a combination of Herbs found in a supplement called "Lung Proof" it seems to...More
Posted by An_259458
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Reply: Recently diagnosed with asthma and lost on what to...
Yeah, I'm on an albuterol inhaler. It kind of works and then kind of doesn't. Definitely gonna have...More
Reply: Xolair/Asthma
Hi Debbie: Well, I have managed to stay out of the hospital since my last admittance through the ER on April...More
Posted by stevedi
Reply: thin skin and steroid use
I have a little different take on the problem. I am not asthmatic but reached this site because of my thin...More
Posted by janells39
Reply: Reactive airway chronic cough
Wow! So sorry to here about your health problems. I believe we have spoke before. I inhaled xylene...More
Posted by 2keepsmiling
Reply: Can you have an asthma attack and still have a nor...
I know exactly how you feel i have been in and out of hospitals for the most of my life. I attended recently...More
Posted by An_259203
Reply: Potassium
Hi ceshore, This chart gives you an idea of how much potassium you should be getting based on your...More
Posted by atti_editor

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Inhaler UseExpert
For those who use daily inhaled steroids (controller medication) make sure to rinse out your mouth with water or brush your teeth after ... More
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