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Reply: bronchial thermoplasty
I just had it done it went great the first six day are a little contested but after that you will feel great...More
Posted by jayfuquay
Son with Asthma
Hi, I am looking for parents who would like to discuss their concerns and stories about their...More
Posted by LovingMommy0724
Reply: Should asthma last this long
Hi Sean, It is not unusual for a flare to last a while. Usually steroids will clear it up pretty quickly though....More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: exercise
Running has helped my asthma a lot.
Posted by choo_chu
Reply: Sports Asthma
You probably can't start where you left off. I think progression is slower for people who have asthma, so...More
Posted by choo_chu
Reply: Tired all the time
Hi, Are you sure your tiredness is due to asthma, and not something else?More
Posted by choo_chu
Reply: Abdominal Pain after allergy shots
I just had allergy testing done yesterday and have cramps today. I have not decided whether or not I am...More
Posted by teacherladya
Pollen Counts I Can Use to Make Decisions
Look for these Pollen Sense devices showing up in your community; they'll count, identify, and report pollen...More
Posted by Juniperus
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Reply: pulmicort vs advair
I use pulmicort respules twice a day then after 30 minutes a mixture of albuterol and ipatropium bromide. ...More
Posted by Stlouismom59
Reply: Asthma
Hi, I am sorry to hear about your husband's asthma. The good news (if there is any) is that it is an asthma...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: Rainbow Vacuum, Does it work?
Interesting that EVERY single positive comment comes from accounts that have only ever commented on this...More
Posted by justicewill
Reply: Parents with Kids who have Asthma
I have heard from many people that a child under 8 years old cannot be definitively diagnosed with asthma. There...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: Vocal cord Dysfunction and Klonopin
Hi, I have been on klonopin for VCD as well. I only took it when I knew I was going to be exposed to a VCD...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: How do you tell the diference between a flare up a...
Hi, It can be difficult to tell the difference. Some people will say that if you have an attack you have been in...More
Posted by sgbl88
Reply: Hot tub
I'm glad that you have found something that works for you! And thank you for sharing, it is often helpful...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: thin skin and steroid use
I have same problem my asthma is very well controlled but obviously have to use them daily! My skin is so thin...More
Posted by shipp55
Reply: Morning Nausea Alleviated by Sneeze
There are so many environmental issues that people are just becoming aware of. I spent several years with...More
Posted by An_263491
Reply: Pollen Tsunami
If you haven't discovered NeilMed saline sinus rinse systems, they are a total game changer during allergy...More
Posted by wheezyrider
Reply: Allergies or Asthma?
Sounds like you're allergic to something which triggers your allergies and asthma. Ask your doctor to get...More
Posted by wheezyrider
Reply: Child Embarrassed to use Inhaler
I am a 53 yr old, lifelong asthmatic who remembers the Dark Ages before inhalers existed. I was the only...More
Posted by wheezyrider
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Reply: Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD)
The way you know the difference between VCD and asthma is that steroids don't work on VCD but they do work...More
Posted by wheezyrider
Reply: Feet Swelling/Itching
I've had the same problem for a month. It was just such random swelling and hives all over. I've bought a...More
Posted by tifalockheart
Reply: Help! Anyone every had "silent" bronchitis?
I have had asthma my entire life and at 50, I'd like to think I'm pretty knowledgeable. But I have recently...More
Posted by nowheeze
Reply: I have terrible muscle cramps from Symbicort. Any...
My pcp has me taking otc Slo-Mag (don't use generic on this one) 2 tablets in a.m. and 2 tablets at bedtime....More
Posted by teddybo
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Flovent making me feel worse?
I'm having these systems since using flovent beginning a week ago. What's going on?
Posted by bfurg
Reply: Roving Dermatitis
The dermatologist took me off hydrochorothiazide, which I had been taking for many years, and it went away.
Posted by m8ternal
Asthma Campaign
Posted by An_263258

Take the Poll

Would anyone be interested in participating in an Asthma Awareness campaign in July? Trying to get the public to take the burden/cost of asthma seriously.
air way
air ways
Posted by sambo1973
I have had 30 plus years of sinus infections which triggers my asthma. Quite a few times I had to take...More
Posted by buffalony
Blocked airway and coughing up tissue and blood.
Recently (Nov. 10 2014) I had part of my right lung removed along with 3 lymph nodes and 3 large calcium...More
Posted by An_263184

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Xopenex savings
If you use xopenex you know it is expensive. My co-pay with insurance is $100. Today I found out about their Breath for Less Program. ... More
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