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Advair vs. Symbicort
I have been on Advair for about 20 years. Wondering why our insurance made us switch to Symbicort?
Posted by An_259683
Feel lost & not sure how to follow up with my PCP ...
Family history: My sister & dad have rhinitis. My mom has chronic cough and her PCP said it's allergic...More
Posted by jksc06
anyone have experience with nasal polyps and asthm...
It was found I have nasal polyps after a CT scan of sinuses. I have had polyps before with a chronic sinus...More
Posted by joleel
That's decent
That's awesooooome!
Posted by Justine64551
Asthma worsening?
It seems like every time I go out, even if I'm just walking, I'm having really bad asthma...More
Confused: Daily symbicort intake-still diminished ...
I'm new to asthma and really confused. I have been taking symbicort 2x a day for the last 4 months or so-each...More
Posted by joleel
Recently diagnosed with asthma and lost on what to...
I was recently diagnosed with asthma. Now, I could have had it for years and never been diagnosed,...More
I become fatigued easily and am reluctant to exercise. If I hop on the treadmill like I used to, I might be...More
Posted by amystired
Reactive airway chronic cough
Has anyone had success in using gabapentin? I have been coughing four several years and every side effect...More
Posted by 2keepsmiling
I commonly have asthma attacks but have a blood O2 level of 98% and aabove during these bad attacks. Why is...More
Posted by An_259170
I am taking calcium, magnesium for night time leg cramps, hasn't done a lot of good. How much potassium should...More
Posted by ceshore
me too!
mine's a bit different. Anytime I get really nauseas, (Like say, when I'm hungover) i start to feel...More
Posted by happyvegangirl
Newly diagnosed
I was diagnosed in May with asthma. My doctor put me on Ventolin inhaler. It helped a lot, but I have noticed...More
Posted by An_259127
generic Advair?
Does anyone know if there will be Advair available in a generic form? Also, if so, do you think there should...More
Posted by An_259078
Xolair injections - recommendations?
My daughter is 13 and has had severe asthma her whole life. At this point she is on Advair 500/50 2x/day,...More
Posted by clairem08
asthma attack but lungs sound clear?
My 8 yr old was diagnosed with asthma as an infant. He hasn't had an asthma attack in about 2 years but...More
Posted by An_244190
Need Help/Asthma
Leonie22. I Have Severe Asthma, Major Allergies, Arthritis, Sciolois in my neck,Arthritis in the Spine, Acid...More
Posted by An_258699
Bronchial thermoplasty
I am going to have my first treatment in September, I was wondering how the recovery is, can I go back to...More
Posted by cecehallal
Recently diagnosed with asthma
I was diagnosed with asthma way back in April and I don't seem to be much better. I'm certainly not...More
Posted by bugeyedmonster2
Mold (why do doctors use asthma and not mold healt...
Last Year we had a fire in our apartment causing 2 floors of water into our unit. we were told to sit in our...More
Posted by gailci
Asthma has me confused and depressed.
I'm in my early 20's and I've recently been diagnosed with asthma. I've been hospitalized three times in the...More
Posted by zulemars
Breathing issues with clouded thinking.
I recently left the hospital after staying for 4 days for sudden weakness, confusion and sudden bad headache...More
Posted by mnr725
Peak flow numbers and when to call specialist.
Asthma is new to me-I've been on and off sick with viruses for over 2 months as my son had started daycare then....More
Posted by joleel
Was sitting at dinner and got so dizzy that it made me nauseous. I am an asthmatic that takes Dulera and...More
Posted by An_258185
Lung Function Tests and Inhaler Usage?
Hi, I was recently diagnosed with asthma (well, I wasn't really diagnosed with it, I told my doctor I was...More
Posted by silverfox24
another asthma question
on my last p.f.t I got a 49 on fvc and a 52 on question is what do these numbers mean exactly are...More
Posted by rvm1234
Hi New Here and have some questions
Hi everyone.. I am 43 yrs old, the problem started about a year and a half ago I got an upper respiratory...More
Posted by barbiee88

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Xopenex savings
If you use xopenex you know it is expensive. My co-pay with insurance is $100. Today I found out about their Breath for Less Program. ... More
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