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What would be next?
Hey all;Went through the last 12days of *&^% and still not back to myself as of yet. And still on...More
Posted by kellym39ca
I was recently diagnosed with asthma, but it's more brought on after being sick with bronchitis or upper...More
Posted by ISWIM
Asthma triggers
Thank you for the suggestions, I am new to this site and will be appreciating ANY info I can get. 74 years old,...More
Posted by Floryb
Allergy Shots or not?
I am allergic to molds, pet dander, ragweed and dust mites. I don't want to spend tons of money doing...More
Posted by minnesotaice
Cant Get Over Fear
I had asthma as a child and then it went away for about 20 years. For the last 10 years, I have been able...More
Posted by minnesotaice
Thank you so much for the people who have posted their experiences with BT, I was scheduled and mentally...More
Posted by SeaBlue123
Fators that Triggers Asthma
Asthma is a curable illness by proper treatment and medications. Those who are suffering from Asthma should...More
Posted by An_254124
Audible ticking noise upon exhaling that is follow...
Hi there I've never posted here but I just want to know if any asthma sufferers on here can relate to...More
Posted by Lanaaa92
next: bronchial thermoplasty
well , i guess it's time, now i am going to do the bronchial thermoplasty, just waiting for insurance now, kind...More
Posted by cwille
Asthma and Ice Cream
Just signed up. Daughter has Asthma. Read in Prescription for Nutritional Phyllis A. Balch...More
Posted by PJohn
26 and recently diagnosed but think I have had ast...
I just went in for my 1st followup visit today since being put on an inhaler. I started on Symbicort and...More
Posted by Kiefer101
Newly diagnosed at age 42!?!
Hi everyone, feeling a little overwhelmed with the diagnosis of asthma today. I've been having significant...More
Posted by tednglori
Symbicort - Long term use at high dose
Just curious if anyone knows. I have been at 4puffs twice a day for the last 6mnths...still really not all...More
Posted by kellym39ca
Asthma and Grape Juice.
There was a report on CNN about grapes relieving asthma. I checked it out and I found the same information...More
Posted by An_248558
18 months post-op
I an now say that I haven't had significant improvement since my procedures. At first I thought I was some...More
Posted by An_241985
asma induce exertion
Hello, I wanted to know if asma induce exertion can could give The same sytoms as using improper breathing...More
Posted by Gerard71
Cant breath laying on my back
I recently learned that I have food allergies in March 2013. Whats funny is how many doctors were pushing...More
Posted by itsthetooth
Parents - Seeking Your Help for Innovative Asthma ...
Dear WebMD Asthma Community, LifeGuard Games is developing an app to help kids manage their asthma....More
Posted by lifeguardforkids
Can asthmas medications cause you to retain fluid
Can asthma medications cause you to retain fluid and if so how can someone stop or get it under control.
Posted by Anon_15080
My 3 year old has asthma
I am the mother of a 3 year old who has asthma. He started having problems as early as 9 months old....More
Posted by robinson_alaysha
Just diagnosed with asthma but I think the Dr. is ...
I had the methacholine breathing test done a few weeks ago. I only got to the 2nd strength (.25) of the...More
Posted by Kiefer101
I have a friend who is scheduled for aspirin desensitization in November. I went back and read your posts, but...More
Posted by coughy16
hospital stay
well , just got out of hospital , was in for 8 days, new it was lasting to long , lol started to feel sick ,...More
Posted by cwille
Educational video games to help kids manage asthma
Hello Everyone! I'm currently working to develop an educational game to help kids manage their...More
Posted by lifeguardforkids
Asthma and baby
Hi everyone! I have 2 small children, both needing nebulizer treatments early on. My daughter was fine with...More
Posted by Happymumm
asthma worse in PA
We just moved from Kentucky to northwest Pennsylvania. I had my asthma under control in KY, but since moving...More
Posted by An_253187
How Does Asthma Affect Running?
I had asthma as a child, then it went away for a while and came back while I was in the Army. When I wasn't...More
Posted by choo_chu
starting over
well when you think things are going good, baaaam the asthma reminds you who is boss. lol, went on vacation last...More
Posted by cwille
Asthma,Allergies & Severe Scoliosis
I'm 20 years old and have been suffering from asthma for over 14 years. My asthma go so bad that my lungs...More
Posted by Krystian13
Bronchial Thermoplasty - Anyone Having Complicatio...
Anyone else having complications?????? Or any suggestions? If so, please respond. I'm having TERRIBLE...More
Posted by An_252975

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Xopenex savings
If you use xopenex you know it is expensive. My co-pay with insurance is $100. Today I found out about their Breath for Less Program. ... More
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