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I was first diagnised with asthma at 18 y/o. I had a severe URI and went to several doctors appts complaining og cough and shortnes of breath. My doctor that I was seeing at the time said it was a virus and I would be fine. One night I got so bad I went to the local emergency room straight from work and was admitted with a a diagnosis of status astmaticus. After two days in ICU I was placed on a ventilator and life flighted to another hospital that had what I needed to get better. Since then I have had numerous hospitalizations and have been intubated 3 more times. I have been on numerous medication and prednisone. My Pulmonologist I have now has tried the Xolair but with a severe allergic reaction that was stopped. I have multiple allergies. It has been a struggle. The best I felt was when I was pregnant for my two daughters.Hormones? Maybe. I have talked with my doctor about the bronchial thermoplasty but I was told my asthma is to sever and persistant to go through the procedure. I am in fear that one of these attacks will eventually get me I will not see my girls graduate or get married. I pray to the Lord everyday to let me healthy. The power of prayer has helped me through a lot in the last 18 years. I am a registered nurse so I have seen a lot and learned a lot about this disease and know to keep exercising and eat healthy and take your medication faithfully even symptom free what ever that is.

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For more information, visit the Duke Health Asthma and Allergies Center