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Joined: 02/26/2010
My Story:
Hello, My name nick name is Cookie. The reason why I have that nick name is because I had a lovely, sweet and gentle dog named Cookie. She passed away a few years ago. Now I have another dog and her name is Chewy and we love her to bits. Why do I tell you about my dogs? Because pets can bring us so much joy and they can also help us when we are ill.

Some personal info: Ive been married for over 11 yrs to the most wonderful husband. I met him in an on-line chat room when he lived in England. So, I snagged myself a handsome Englishman with one of those sexy English accents. I also have a daughter who is 18. Im so very very proud of her. She graduated from high school a year early and is now in college to get a degree to be an auto tech. Yup, you heard me right. My little girly girl, with the long painted nails and the pretty long hair, is gonna work on cars. *shrug*. She will be the prettiest auto tech. in Az.

Health issues: Bipolar, anxiety attacks, OCD sometimes (its getting better though), chronic back and neck pain (it hurts all the time, 24/7), asthma, hypoglycemia, acid reflux, asthma, allergies and a few other things I left out. Didnt want to bore you guys to tears.

I can usually be found on the Bipolar support board. Been a member there for over 3 years. I just love the ppl on that board. You would think that since its a Bipolar board that everyone would be depressed, but nope, we try to keep it happy and positive. Dont get me wrong, we do help each other all the time. I have met some very dear friends there. Now I can say that this board is just as wonderful. You all seem to be so very kind and helpful. I hope that one day I can return the favor.

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