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Anyone had a Methacholine challenge test?
hi, I had a pulmo dr. diagnoise me with (twitchy airways) or asthma as most would call it...More
Posted by nicatl
Is Singulair used more for allergies than for Asth...
Hi My dr. recently gave me singulair to take with my Alvesco. He said it would help with...More
Posted by nicatl
Does Singulair cause BAD side effects in Adults???
I am a 57yr. old female. My dr. is wanting to start me on Singulair along with my ICS. I...More
Posted by nicatl
Difference in a Pulmonologist and Asthma Dr??
Is there a real difference in the 2 drs. I know pulmonologist treat more lung diseases but...More
Posted by nicatl
What is a FENO test? Dr. wants me to have one!
I recently saw my dr. for a virus i had picked up. He put me on a Z-Pak and said that after...More
Posted by nicatl
Reply: Does Singulair cause BAD side effects in Adults???
Thanks Judy. I will give it a try. I'm already taking Allergra so hopefully the 2 together...More
Posted by nicatl
I can only use ALVESCO in the morning but NOT at n...
I know this sounds strange but,,,my dr. changed me from asmanex to Alvesco awhile back. I...More
Posted by nicatl
Inportant advice needed Please!!!!
I recently changed asthma-allergy drs. My first dr. wasn't the kind of dr. who would sit...More
Posted by nicatl
My dr. recently took me off Asmanex which i had been using for alittle over 4yrs. He decided...More
Posted by nicatl