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Reply: dedub13
I have high functioning autism and throughout life have been asked repeatedly "what's wrong with you" or...More
Posted by birdyg1rl
Reply: hypersensitive hearing
I also have high functioning autism. My hypersensitive senses keep me from going to graduations, fireworks...More
Posted by birdyg1rl
married to aspie
I have been married to an aspie for almost 35 years. He was always "different." But he pursued me over 8...More
Posted by An_256691
It's been a nightmare of confusion, depression, loneliness, uncaring, anger, mental cruelty and much more that...More
Posted by vickyvp
Reply: Is it autism
I hope all went well with your son's evaluation. In my experience, young children with attributes that you...More
Posted by devped14
Reply: Growing impatient for diagnosis-please advise!
Do you really believe that any diagnosis of your husband's symptoms on the autism spectrum will give you...More
Posted by pinksapphire
another aspie day
hello fellow aspie victims, today one of my parrots bit me and it was bleeding enough to need band-aid. all...More
Posted by parabeagle
Jeremiah Swisher
My 23 year old son Jeremiah has high functioning Autism. He has spoke at conferences, you...More
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Jeremiah Swisher
My 23 year old son Jeremiah has high functioning Autism. He has spoke at conferences, you...More
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Bullying at school
My child attends a mainstream school. He has been diagnosed with PDD. For the last year a child that is 3...More
Posted by An_255566
Reply: After all these years, we found out my teenage son...
EvenahNekole I am the mother of a 12 year old boy. This morning I woke up at the end of my rope (as I do...More
Posted by mrsmaxx
Reply: Eye Contact
Hi there, I know you wrote this years ago but if you still check this from time to time could you please tell...More
Posted by chellrw
Reply: 3 year old son
let me know when you get her tested if you can and how she did! My son is now getting tested on the 7th of...More
Posted by sltomaso
Reply: asbergers husband
have not been "in" love with my husband for years. i did promise to take care of him as he gets older/ or...More
Posted by parabeagle

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how i get my back
My husband has abandon me and the kids for the the past 8months now, and refuse to come back because he...More
Posted by caylamella323
Stay in or get out the marriage
I have married to an Aspie for sixteen years. He was formally diagnosed in August of 2012 while he was...More
Posted by slky0112
Help me?
I think I married an aspie man. He can be thoughtful but emotionless and then vicious with his factual,...More
Posted by An_255195
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Reply: Need advice
I just wanted to update you and everyone. .. he was evaluated and he has Aspergers.,.sleepwalking, anxiety/...More
Posted by lrtimes21
As of yet, undiagnosed ...
Over the last several months I have come to the realization that I likely should have been diagnosed with...More
Posted by zophy
Reply: Right and wrong
I have exactly the same situation. My son seems to understand right from wrong but he doesn't seem to...More
Posted by greensngravy
Autism concern
My boyfriend has Aspergers, and we are begining to talk about having kids some day, and he is worried that he...More
Posted by holyrayne
Reply: Severe Sensory
Good luck to you as well, it can be very frustrating he will not touch any of the school lunches he will...More
Posted by dan23241921
Reply: Question about autism
I have also discussed this with my husband and he thinks I am overreacting. I think sometimes men don't want...More
Posted by 1gama1gama
Question about autism
I have a grandson that is 17 and for sometime I have seen and felt he has symptoms of some form of autism. He...More
Posted by An_254484
Reply: New caregiver
Omg. What a situation. That poor child. I'm unsure if you are asking for advice on how to care for him or...More
Posted by francess84
Hey Guys!
Need an extra hand? We help everyone! In ANY and EVERY way we can! Call now and ask us what makes...More
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Reply: I'm at a loss....
Thank You!! Finally!! Someone who sees what I'm going thru. I am not insane!! LOL Tho, I say 'lol', it...More
Posted by reniekins67
Reply: Am I alone - symptoms don't add up
Hi I'm back! I "think" I understand him better, not sure though. I thought I was going to get answers...More
Posted by danielleisdone
Help with my violent Asperger's 5 year old and his...
Hi everyone My 5 year old has just been informally diagnosed with Aspergers and all of his bizarre and...More
Posted by 11yearstoolong
Reply: I have an undiagnosed son with aspergers.
My son Kyle shows those symptoms and now he shows terrible anxiety over school and wakes up in the night...More
Posted by lrtimes21

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My son is 12 years old and just now being diagnosed with PDD-NOS... I am doing everything I can to learn about and educate myself about all faucets of...More

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weight compression vests for calming child
check out site a full 4 pounds of weight in secure pockets sleek vest looks and feels like clothing. "No boxey" ... More
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