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Living with a husband with Aspergers
I've come across this site and the discussion - and am now feeling thoroughly depressed. After 10 years of...More
Posted by An_256843
am 45 and just found out that i have aspergers' 5 months ago. not only that i found out that my 7 1/2 yr old...More
Posted by dedub13
hypersensitive hearing
I have high functioning autism. With that i have hypersensitive hearing and sudden loud noises bother me i.e....More
Posted by An_256820
married to aspie
I have been married to an aspie for almost 35 years. He was always "different." But he pursued me over 8...More
Posted by An_256691
Need help in finding resources
Hello everyone I'm a mother to a 4yr boy, since he was 2 yrs I notice he was having problem communicating so I...More
Posted by lasmiah
another aspie day
hello fellow aspie victims, today one of my parrots bit me and it was bleeding enough to need band-aid. all...More
Posted by parabeagle
Is it autism
My 3 year old is being evaluated by a preschool Thursday and I am terrified they will say he is autistic....More
Posted by leelee9010
Bullying at school
My child attends a mainstream school. He has been diagnosed with PDD. For the last year a child that is 3...More
Posted by An_255566
how i get my back
My husband has abandon me and the kids for the the past 8months now, and refuse to come back because he...More
Posted by caylamella323
Stay in or get out the marriage
I have married to an Aspie for sixteen years. He was formally diagnosed in August of 2012 while he was...More
Posted by slky0112
As of yet, undiagnosed ...
Over the last several months I have come to the realization that I likely should have been diagnosed with...More
Posted by zophy
3 year old son
I am not sure if I belong here. I have been told by a few relatives and friends that my son shows signs of...More
Posted by An_254889
Autism concern
My boyfriend has Aspergers, and we are begining to talk about having kids some day, and he is worried that he...More
Posted by holyrayne
Right and wrong
Hi. My 23 yr old son was diagnosed ADD when he was 9 yrs old. Of course he was put on all the ADD meds. Now...More
Posted by charayne
Severe Sensory
I have a 11 year old son that is severe sensory to food taste, smells and texture only eats pepperoni...More
Posted by dan23241921
Growing impatient for diagnosis-please advise!
After 22 years of marriage and a growing awareness of many Aspie like issues I cannot seem to get my...More
Posted by danielleisdone
Question about autism
I have a grandson that is 17 and for sometime I have seen and felt he has symptoms of some form of autism. He...More
Posted by An_254484
Question about autism
I have a grandson that is 17 and for sometime I have seen and felt he has symptoms of some form of autism. He...More
Posted by An_254484
New caregiver
I am a grandparent of a 5 year oldbwhonhas been diagnosed autistic. He has no speech and has some aggressioon...More
Posted by squwerll
I'm at a loss....
I've been married to my husband for 8 years now. He disclosed to me that he has Asperger's syndrome. I got...More
Posted by reniekins67
Help with my violent Asperger's 5 year old and his...
Hi everyone My 5 year old has just been informally diagnosed with Aspergers and all of his bizarre and...More
Posted by 11yearstoolong
New to forum-husband aspie
I've been married 21 years and always felt something was wrong. It has taken a couple of years, but now...More
Posted by danielleisdone
Does this sound like autism or adhd?
My 5.5 year old was diagnosed with ADHD earlier this year by his pediatrician. He didn't really talk with...More
Posted by Gregorivich
older 3 yr old going to develpmental team...
Hello everyone, I don't know where to really start. My son is 3 and will be 4 in two months. He is usually...More
Posted by nicky1982
autistic child and menstrual cycle
I have a 11 yr old soon to be 12 yr old autistic daughter whose mental age is 4 or 5. she started her cycle...More
Posted by Rob071
10 yr old Aspie son and MEDS!
My son was diagnosed at age 5 with Asperger. He's been a variety of different meds. Presently on lexapro,...More
Posted by An_253048
asbergers husband
i've written to this discussion before. i have Obsessive compulsive Disorder. in fact so severe that i got...More
Posted by parabeagle

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Need advice
Hi! I have a five year old son that i have noticed is different from my other two boys, he is the middle...More
Posted by lrtimes21
my son plays with his poo and wont go pee !
my son is 3years old and plays with his poo.and pees on him self all the time i cant take it anymore he knows...More
Posted by msbowers

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I'm a mother of two grown sons, have a great daughter-in-law, granddaughter and grandson. I have fibromyalgia and by the early/mid 90's tha...More

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