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NOT ALL Aspies are created equal!!
I'm so saddened to read all these different posts telling people to STAY THE HELL AWAY from an aspie, run...More
Posted by An_248661
ADHD with Tourettes or Aspergers?
My son, now 10, had delayed speech. In kindergarten, he seemed to have trouble staying on task. In first...More
Posted by An_248411
Living w/an aspberger husband & son
Grant it this is not easy to work with (aspbergers) and I take one step at a time, I even take one hour at a...More
Posted by Stangjo62
Dealing with the Guilt
Please tell me how to cope with the guilt I feel from this. And then today NYTs article says that its likely...More
Posted by Winter1914
can/did your autistic child speak in sentences at ...
Posted by An_247206

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How does/did your autistic child speak at age 3-4 years
  • Did not speak at all
  • only used single words or echolalia
  • spoke in short sentences and had lots of words
  • could hold a conversation
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Does this sound like autism
Hi, my son is almost 4 and has been diagnosed with autism , however I am having real difficulty excepting this...More
Posted by peyto
Being diagnosed with Aspergers
I was diagnosed almost 4 years ago and its very hard for to explain to people what autism and asperger's is....More
Posted by An_247057
My nine months old likes light
my nine months old boy is very attract to electrical holes and try to touch the night lights and play with...More
Posted by An_246760
Potty training regression
My 10 yr old son was potty trained at 5 yrs old. Everything went great for about 3 years. He stopped using the...More
Posted by lkp2000
Does My Boyfriend have slight Aspergers?
I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year, and recently one of my friends said that she thinks there's...More
Posted by An_246197
Need advice all around
Hello, My son Roman is 3, we have been going through testing for about a year now and he was finally...More
Posted by romansworld
autism treatment choices
There are so many different approaches to autism treatment available. I believe it is most important that...More
Posted by SenchoNeko
I am a 44 yr old mom of a 21 yr old, i always knew since he was a baby that he was diffrent than most...More
Posted by loree3636
Just received diagnosis of aspergers
I just received a diagnosis of aspergers for my 5 year old. I have forwarded the diagnosis with to her peds...More
Posted by Yitzzy
Did your autistic child avoid eye contact as an in...
I am a new parent of 6-week old twins. One twin seems fine, but the other one actively avoids all eye...More
Posted by JohnInNYC

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Did your autistic child actively avoid all eye contact at the age of 6 weeks?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Not at 6 weeks but starting at another age (please elaborate)
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Caregivers different attitudes
My 6yo grandson has Autism I think. Symptoms and behaviors are there. Mother is in denial...problem yes but he...More
Posted by memekk
What are my rights concerning a autistic 10 yr old girl who made false claims against my 13 yr old son that...More
Posted by An_244785
Adult sibling with Asperger's
I am 23 and my 26-year-old sister has Asperger's. She has never had many friends, but now that we're older this...More
Posted by smz88
I am trying to find information oh how to deal with and help an autistic girl deal with the changes her body...More
Posted by An_244605
How do you know whats autism and whats adhd
I have a 2yr old son and at 7mos he had 3 seizures close together he was put on medication for a year and...More
Posted by An_244566
World Autism Awareness Day -- Recognize Someone
Today is World Autism Awareness Day, and April is National Autism Awareness Month. We're asking our...More
Posted by Olivia_WebMD_Staff
Need advice
I just recently started dating a guy with an autistic litttle boy. I think he absolutely wonderful. However,...More
Posted by Tammy7635
Autism, teens and hormones!!!
My son is 16. Up until recently he's been a delightful kid...easy going and mild mannered. Suddenly he has...More
Posted by lorisue1953
autistic child with C.diff
My son is autistic and has had lots of stomach issues after being own antibiotic fo two days he has C.diff is...More
Posted by hablar
Do I reward or not reward ?
I take care of an adult with mild autism who has very good days and then when stresses out, he hits his head...More
Posted by topazandme
Do I reward or not reward ?
I take care of an adult with mild autism who has very good days and then when stresses out, he hits his head...More
Posted by topazandme

Spotlight: Member Stories

I'm a loving mother of 2. One is 5 and has developmental problems, the other is 6 months and has well surpassed all of her developmental milestone...More

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ipods for autism
I am an autism specific teacher and this year have made huge language strides using ipods. Check out this video about my students. ... More
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