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Constant lower, upper back pain, and neck pain
It seems like everytime I try to figure out the cause, it makes me think I have something very serious going...More
Posted by trash369
Cervical disc injuries? hemangioma? lesion?
Hello! I'm a 27 year old female. Back in 2012, I had an mri done that revealed disc injuries in every...More
Posted by kadebraylen
Reply: sharp pain from my neck into my shoulder blade
I think as muscles remain in a single position for a longer duration, it happens. Stretch that part of your...More
Posted by ryanviola
Reply: non narcotic pain medication
dr arthur hernandez has a great program and accepts insurance. good luck
Posted by mendy44
Reply: Mid and lower back pain
Did u know people from austin drive here foe meds? the gov't is really coming down on thos drs. and they can be...More
Posted by mendy44
Reply: sharp right side neck pain
Already 5 years have gone and still you are getting pain, better to consult your physician ASAP. Don't...More
Posted by stellagonzalez
help save a spine
Help support me and my pain relief by a small donation to my fund raiser! ...More
Posted by wfoxx
Reply: feelin bad
I feel for you, Had Harrington rods put in after unsuccessful Fusions. From my neck to upper Lumbar. Have to...More
Posted by larryotto
work comp
I had neck surgery in 2005, with a plate this year I had a spinal fusion on l4-l5 recover has been going well...More
Posted by An_254243
Reply: Lower neck and shoulder pain down right side
Sheetrockone88 ~ go to the ER. You need to have this looked at now, do not wait. It's traveling down on...More
Posted by dsparksnorwood
Numbness in right side of face, weak right arm, pa...
Hello I have had this issue for several years where the right side of my face feels like I just came from the...More
Posted by An_253956
T4 compression Fracture.
In May of this year I was invovled in a work related rollover accident. After going to the E.R. I was...More
Posted by mrmyrick83
Reply: Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
I've just come to this site & see that it has been 5 months ago since your post so I think you've probably...More
Posted by mit25
I was injured at work 7 years ago and damage mi low back and neck I have been taking epidural shuts but they no...More
Posted by moso123
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Reply: feelin bad
Hi there, I kow you posted months ago but wondered if you found out what was causing all your pain I had a...More
Posted by Lelly3472
Reply: very confused
Hi nancy, Your problem sounds serious, a good orthopedic doctor can suggest you the best. Wishing you...More
Posted by robinwilliams
Reply: How do I deal with this?
Hi, here are some tips for you- Avoid lifting heavy objects. May be the cause of your problem is...More
Posted by robinwilliams
Reply: Question about neck pain
Hi, you can follow these guidelines to reduce you neck pain: Rest until the symptoms subside. Give your...More
Posted by robinwilliams
Reply: Right upper back pain
I am sorry, I have had never heard of Autoimmune Pancreatitis before. I think you could use an advice of...More
Posted by robinwilliams
Reply: Recommended office chair for herniated disc in nec...
Have you tried a standing desk? I've tried various chairs and desk setups but found that standing has worked...More
Posted by fionam523
Reply: please help
Hi moe, I suggest you not to delay any further and consult an orthopedic asap. If you are in Texas, you...More
Posted by robinwilliams
Reply: 4 year neck pain
I think you must switch to a new doctor. If you live in Texas, you can visit OrthoTexas. I got my back...More
Posted by robinwilliams
Reply: Neck pain
I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I know very good orthopedics doctors, may be they can help you...More
Posted by robinwilliams
Reply: Serious shoulder, neck and back pain
Good luck with your appointment. I hope everything goes well. There's nothing to worry about.Even i had...More
Posted by robinwilliams
Reply: Sciatic Pain after spinal fusion L2-S1 with instru...
Charles-thank you. I've been told by a GI Doc that I can take Miralax every nite, as much as I need, with no...More
Posted by rico903
My neck surgery experience
I had surgery on February 12 2013, at Parrish Medical Center, fusion and plating of C3, 4, 5, 6. While on...More
Posted by Anon_161872
Reply: Bi-Lateral Ulner Nerve Pain After Neck Fusion
I forgot to mention that I have also had a round of steroid injections.
Posted by tuttwiler
*****CRAWLING sensation years after cervical neck ...
I had a 4-level anterior cervical neck dissectomy (fusion with metal plate) back in 2008. One month in a...More
Posted by fallingapart24
Reply: Need Help for C2 Fracture
for my husband I've been giveing him messages and putting heat onthe back of his neck. He says it helps a...More
Posted by sweet_girl
Muscle Knots: An ACTUAL Long-Term Fix...under $50
I've had problems with muscle knots for a few years now, and have been continuously experimenting with...More
Posted by runescapeomfg
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Spotlight: Member Stories

I need to know from someone whose spinal fusion didnot work the first time. I am not a smoker, yet my fusion after 2 1/2 years didnnot complete itself...More

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feelin bad
im in constant pain. L5 and 6 were fused almost a yr ago now and ive never been in so much pain in my 38 yrs old. my kids r and ... More
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