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Reply: I need help please!!!!!
Maybe you can keep researching acupuncture - google it on line - 'acupuncturists in Mississippi' or a major...More
Posted by michele0530
Reply: Another L5 S1 Fusion In Chronic Pain!
I'm glad you found some relief I have powerstrips as well and they worked wonders for me and my friends Call...More
Posted by nataleep
Reply: Fusion not complete after 2 1/2 years
Gina - did you have a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic doctor? You cannot change the hands of time, but neuros...More
Posted by michele0530
L4/L5 Spinal Fusion- NOT
I received a spinal fusion at my L4/L5 in June 2013 and I had four sets of xrays done from June-December....More
Posted by helpme2731
Reply: Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Chiropractors work with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis . You may want to consult with one.More
Posted by youllfeelbetter
Reply: sharp right side neck pain
If you are having neck pain you may want to go to a Chiropractor .More
Posted by youllfeelbetter
Reply: How do I deal with this?
You may want to try going to a Chiropractor . Workman's Compensation will most certainly pay for...More
Posted by youllfeelbetter
Reply: Constant lower, upper back pain, and neck pain
Have you tried Chiropractic for your problems. The MRI is helpful in diagnosis, but not in cure.More
Posted by youllfeelbetter
Reply: Back pain
You might want to go see a Chiropractor . You will get the attention you deserve without all the...More
Posted by youllfeelbetter
Reply: An all natural solution that I use.
what is the name of this patch and where does one find it???
Reply: sharp pain from my neck into my shoulder blade
Hi I was reading your message about your injury and past and current treatment and if I may I would just like...More
Posted by cmb7462
Please Help
Was wondering if you would be so kind as to donate to and/or share my fundraiser so that I can get the proper...More
Posted by csmcangl
Reply: Lower neck and shoulder pain down right side
don't rule out rotator cuff problems
Posted by sno2cold
Zeal for Life
I couldn't find my old post so I'm not sure what happened to it. I have back problems, panic issues and...More
Posted by ilovemyzeal
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Reply: FDA requires label changes to warn of rare but ser...
Glad we could be of help. Interesting issue with problems and serious complications at...More
ozone injections for back pain
Hi all, I have been suffering from slipped disc for last 4 years. after trying non-invasive treatments i...More
Posted by aditiagarwal
Zeal for Life
Hello all! I was diagnosed back in Dec of 2013 with fibro. I have also been diagnosed with panic &...More
Posted by ilovemyzeal
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Reply: non narcotic pain medication
What are you treating? If it's joint or muscular pain, Biofreeze works wonders.
Posted by gulfcoastlaney
Cervical disc injuries? hemangioma? lesion?
Hello! I'm a 27 year old female. Back in 2012, I had an mri done that revealed disc injuries in every...More
Posted by kadebraylen
Reply: Mid and lower back pain
Did u know people from austin drive here foe meds? the gov't is really coming down on thos drs. and they can be...More
Posted by mendy44
help save a spine
Help support me and my pain relief by a small donation to my fund raiser! ...More
Posted by wfoxx
Reply: feelin bad
I feel for you, Had Harrington rods put in after unsuccessful Fusions. From my neck to upper Lumbar. Have to...More
Posted by larryotto
work comp
I had neck surgery in 2005, with a plate this year I had a spinal fusion on l4-l5 recover has been going well...More
Posted by An_254243
Numbness in right side of face, weak right arm, pa...
Hello I have had this issue for several years where the right side of my face feels like I just came from the...More
Posted by An_253956
T4 compression Fracture.
In May of this year I was invovled in a work related rollover accident. After going to the E.R. I was...More
Posted by mrmyrick83
I was injured at work 7 years ago and damage mi low back and neck I have been taking epidural shuts but they no...More
Posted by moso123
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Reply: feelin bad
Hi there, I kow you posted months ago but wondered if you found out what was causing all your pain I had a...More
Posted by Lelly3472
Reply: very confused
Hi nancy, Your problem sounds serious, a good orthopedic doctor can suggest you the best. Wishing you...More
Posted by robinwilliams
Reply: Question about neck pain
Hi, you can follow these guidelines to reduce you neck pain: Rest until the symptoms subside. Give your...More
Posted by robinwilliams
Reply: Right upper back pain
I am sorry, I have had never heard of Autoimmune Pancreatitis before. I think you could use an advice of...More
Posted by robinwilliams

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I need cervical spinal surgery. My insurance will only cover the fusion type. I'd rather have the artiificial disk replacement surgery. UnitedHeal...More

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spinal decompression
I had spinal fusion surgery too and the pain came back. I had 20 treatments of spinal decompression and am now pain free most days. Best ... More
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