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Pinched nerve pain and exercise
Good evening, I have a long standing issue with a pinched nerve (10 years +). I caused it when I...More
Posted by saturdaywoodworker
Recommendation for seat cushion
I have been diagnosed with a slight case of hemorrhoids, and sitting for long periods of time is not...More
Posted by An_261692
Extremely Unusual Neck Pain Sensation -- Please Ad...
Alright, so I think I'm going to die. Here's what's going on: I'm a 20-year-old female, so fairly young and...More
Posted by retrojag
Posted by laurenstabile
Fusion Surgery
Hello, I had Anterior Cervical Diskectomy C4-5 and C5-6 on October 20. I really have 2 questions: 1. Right...More
Posted by kimit311
neck surgery
I am looking at neck surgery. I have contacted Laser Spine Institute. This is out of Tampa Fla. they have 6...More
Posted by An_260130
Small lump in lower back under skin, treatment?
I've been going to a chiropractor the last few weeks for some pain in my lower back. The treatment has been...More
Posted by An_259969
Can you be "fired" as a patient?
I had something happen to me and I was both shocked and hurt. I received a letter from my primary care...More
Posted by Anon_54391
Can you be "fired" as a patient?
I had something happen to me and I was both shocked and hurt. I received a letter from my primary care...More
Posted by Anon_54391
I need help please!!!!!
I have pain that is continuous in my right hip and leg. (The doctor seemed to think that it was coming from...More
Posted by alliej0225
Another L5 S1 Fusion In Chronic Pain!
I had an ALIF L5 - S1 discectomy with titanium hardware and BMP-2 in December 2013 and have been in chronic...More
Posted by loribaird
L4/L5 Spinal Fusion- NOT
I received a spinal fusion at my L4/L5 in June 2013 and I had four sets of xrays done from June-December....More
Posted by helpme2731
Please Help
Was wondering if you would be so kind as to donate to and/or share my fundraiser so that I can get the proper...More
Posted by csmcangl
ozone injections for back pain
Hi all, I have been suffering from slipped disc for last 4 years. after trying non-invasive treatments i...More
Posted by aditiagarwal
Back pain
I am really getting tires of Doctors shoving a patient from one thing to another. I have tried Vicodin,...More
Posted by aburns80
Constant lower, upper back pain, and neck pain
It seems like everytime I try to figure out the cause, it makes me think I have something very serious going...More
Posted by trash369
Cervical disc injuries? hemangioma? lesion?
Hello! I'm a 27 year old female. Back in 2012, I had an mri done that revealed disc injuries in every...More
Posted by kadebraylen
Mid and lower back pain
I have had mid and lower back pain for a while now. My Pain management Dr. refuses to give out pain meds. He...More
Posted by samoian
help save a spine
Help support me and my pain relief by a small donation to my fund raiser! ...More
Posted by wfoxx
DDD & Pain
There is one word in the medical community that you don't want to be ddiagnosed with and that is Fibromyalgia....More
Posted by janrush
work comp
I had neck surgery in 2005, with a plate this year I had a spinal fusion on l4-l5 recover has been going well...More
Posted by An_254243
Lower neck and shoulder pain down right side
Firstly I'm Matt I'm 25 and need some and advice on neck and and shoulder pain increase. I hang...More
Posted by sheetrockone88
Numbness in right side of face, weak right arm, pa...
Hello I have had this issue for several years where the right side of my face feels like I just came from the...More
Posted by An_253956
sharp right side neck pain
For about 5 years I have had sharp pains that start on the right side of my neck then move up to my head and...More
Posted by buggzy777
T4 compression Fracture.
In May of this year I was invovled in a work related rollover accident. After going to the E.R. I was...More
Posted by mrmyrick83
Right upper back pain
I have had upper pain under the right side of my rib for the last few days and I do not know what has...More
Posted by tirednhurting
Neck pain
I was wondering if anyone could give me advice... I am 24 years old and have been in pain for almost 2 years...More
Posted by Teacher418
Serious shoulder, neck and back pain
So i have been dealing with lower to upper back pain for the past 5 months. I have had 2 MRIs, one...More
Posted by jryankellygbp

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Muscle Knots: An ACTUAL Long-Term Fix...under $50
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