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neck and shoulder pain
was in a car accident on 8/23/11 and was rear ended was thrown around and bent the head rest all the way...More
Posted by jamerson229
im looking for any advice please !!!!!
well i was in a car accident on 08/23/2011 and was rear ended well i have went thru therapy also have had...More
Posted by jamerson229
Possible collarbone bruise or fracture?
Hi, I've been having pain in my right lower collarbone area. The bone near the bottom seems to be swelled or...More
Posted by serulin
Your opinion on Cervical Kyphosis treatment
I have been suffering from cervical kyphosis for about a year now. I have been seeing a chirpractor for this...More
Posted by An_239581
Scoliosis suffer with really bad jaw pain
I might also have TMJ and used to suffer from pretty frequent jaw pain. However, being more aware of my...More
Posted by lapearce
Surgery? on Gabapentin and helping - C5/C6 - need ...
I am looking for any advice here.... I've had issues for years however started looking into root cause this...More
Posted by jesswoz33
I'm begging for HELP!!! Telling the truth or a ly...
A friend came to me the other day at work and stated that his doctor told him that he had a hair-line...More
Posted by An_246635
pinched nerves in neck
My daughter had surgery for Chiari Malforation 3 years ago. She was doing fine with the surgery. Now has...More
Posted by footballcrazy
Neurological Recovery TIme for Laminectomy c3/4 , ...
Hi I am new to this forum. Recently my father( 75 years old) was diagnosed with severe ceverical spinal...More
Posted by jumbo33
work comp
is anyone still have to deal with work comp? Or have you had your final court hearing
Posted by r10medic
full lumbar fusion
I was a firefighter/paramedic and got hurt in a fire. I hag two back surgerys and just had a third back...More
Posted by r10medic
Please give your opinion, im pretty sure my doctor...
have had pain in my back on the right side for about 6 months now. they have done multiple ct scans of my...More
Posted by kddemarchia
confused afraid and depressed
hello everyone i am a 31 year old man, and have a herniated disc in my L5-Si segment. I have been through...More
Posted by concern216
jaws86-new to this group
Iam a 47yowm who had a c3-c7 fusion in 2009- and multiple surgeries for lower back neurostimulator (MRSA...More
Posted by jaws86
bulging disc
been recently diagnoised , bulging disc caused by an auto accident.
Posted by adladymo
Back and Neck Pain Discussion
As with the first discussion in this forum my pain started in the area of my left shoulder blade. It...More
Posted by mare4christ
lightheaded from muscle tension?
Recently my workstation has changed in that I have a mousepad for a desktop (my other mouse was causing me...More
Posted by An_245438
Has anyone ever had a cervical disc REPLACEMENT as opposed to the FUSION? I have a diseased C5-C6 disc and am...More
Posted by dmw70
I have multiple cervical spine problems, but my doc says C5-C6 has gotta go. Discectomy & fusion. Can anyone...More
Posted by dmw70
Is there a way to end this pain other than suicide...
I am desperate It has been a year since my surgery from C4 throu S2. I have Two Rods on each side of my spine...More
Posted by Ms_Pain
Full Spinal Fusion
I would love to know if there is anyone else out there who is going through what I am going through. I was...More
Posted by PainTooLong
Neck Pain
I am asking this question for my friend. We try to walk 3-4 times a week for two hours each time....More
Posted by jszaradowski
Left Side Back/Left thigh Pain
For the past 3 weeks I have been having really bad back pain only on my left side. I tend to have the back...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Left Side Back/Left thigh Pain
For the past 3 weeks I have been having really bad back pain only on my left side. I tend to have the back...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Fractured C2, Herniated C5 & C6, Lumbar Issues
I fractured my neck at C2 in July, 2010. I was extremely fortunate that I walked away from that accident....More
Posted by redhead_1972
After my surgeon ignoring all my complaints of pain, after L1-L3 fusion with hardware, he constantly told...More
Posted by 123Marilyn
back pain and numbness
Posted by TIMHALL
another surgery
I had a fusion surgery at L5 S1 in 1999 after two surgeries to remove bulging disc. After about 4 or 5...More
Posted by sohofisher
Severe Lower Back Pain
I have been having severe lower back pain. I can hardly stand to stand up very long and laying down even is...More
Posted by An_243583

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My name is Dave. I am 53 years old, married to the most wonderful woman in the world for 22 years now, and have two great sons ages 18 and 20. We live...More

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feelin bad
im in constant pain. L5 and 6 were fused almost a yr ago now and ive never been in so much pain in my 38 yrs old. my kids r and ... More
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