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decrompression/laminectomy and fusion from L2-S1
I had this done october 2010. Excruciating pain is still around 6 months on,I m attending a pain clinic and...More
Posted by An_189761
Spinal Fusion - Success for me
I had a multi-level spinal fusion L-4, L-5 ,S-1, 10 months ago . I am pain free and do not take any pain...More
Posted by tww810
neck surgery what to expect
what should I expect if I have cervical neck surgery? Will they cut my hair? It's really long and I want it...More
Posted by karenavon
What classification are Soma's and Xanax's
I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I have been searching this website to see if soma's and xanax's...More
Posted by dina6076
Anterior Lumbar Discectomy & Fusion
I have had lower back pain for years. I finished my injections with my Pain Mgmt doctor. I had no...More
Posted by dsparksnorwood
Neck surgery -Anterior cervical spine surgery-C-5-...
I am considering the above procedure as the tingling down my arm increases and strength is...More
Posted by yamatize
I woke up the other morning with a stiff neck but it has gotten worse I have been putting ice on it and also...More
Posted by bwoods34
Resperatory-Related Back Pain?
Ok i was just sitting in the funeral home today (my grandma's funeral) and all of the sudden i had a sharp...More
Posted by 0087Adam
Should I be concerned?
I am 24 and was a very active person with chronic right shoulder pain( I was a seamstress) when I was injured...More
Posted by lizzy9386
Help Please?
The other day i caused severe busing to my lower thigh, and now the area seems like, has nerve damage. I can...More
Posted by ashisanerd
Help Please?
The other day i caused severe busing to my lower thigh, and now the area seems like, has nerve damage. I can...More
Posted by ashisanerd
Pain Mgmt Doctor
My doctor i am seeing for my lumbar has given me many shots. None have helped my pain, He has me on...More
Posted by dsparksnorwood
Sharp pain in left hand rib-cage when trying to br...
Hi, Around the time the climate changes from warm to cold or vice-versa, I get these severe muscle pain in...More
Posted by An_189760
About once a month or less I will have this sudden onset of pain where the carotid artery runs. It is so very...More
Posted by An_189759
Can an MRI show something more significant than CT...
Hello everyone! My name is Angela and I'm 29 years old. My story is the same as everyone else. I have been...More
Posted by ShezUnreal
Ive had 2 back surgeries and now my neck is hurtin...
History: At the young age of 20 I was dignosed with scoliosis, degenerative disk disease, stenosis, bone spurs,...More
Posted by pen6971
Kickbacks to Surgeons for Performing Spinal Fusion...
According to the Wall Street Journal, five surgeons at a Kentucky hospital are among the largest recipients...More
Posted by cweinbl
Chronic whiplash?
Hello. My mother and I were in a wreck in March '10. We hit a ditch going 60 mph. The next day I woke up in...More
Posted by An_189755
c-spine fusion with corral disc replacement
I had my c5-c6 disc replaced with a corral and they put it in a cage with a plate and a couple screws the...More
Posted by An_189754
tightness under ribs
Has anyone ever experienced pressure and tightness under rib cage and upper abdomen. I got checked out and...More
Posted by brenda9312
Is this surgery different than twilight sleep cort...
I was diagnosed in 2002 with Cauda Equina Syndrome, and had an emergency surgery; the surgeon said I should...More
Posted by dollsgirl
CT Mylograme of C-Spine
I have been having pain in my neck and my right arm since January 2010. After finally seeing Dr, after Dr,...More
Posted by Jayne4694
please help me with ,right shoulder,arm,neck,ear,b...
since may 2010 i started having right shoulder pain, entire right arm,wrist,back of my head, neck,severe...More
Posted by pmorris39
Cervical SCS - spinal cord stimulator
Has anyone had this? For what symptoms was it used for? Can it work for arm/nerve pain as well as neck...More
Posted by imachildagain
Treatment and recovery of pinched nerve in upper b...
I have a pinched nerve in my upper back near the left shoulder blade. I did not know that it was a pinched...More
Posted by ag1234
Herniated Disks in Neck/Back
I have herniated disks in my neck and have had since 1/2010. After Dr., After Dr., After Dr. I'm finally...More
Posted by Jayne4694
Chronic Neck Pain-Am I missing something?
I have had a stiff neck with pain for nearly a year, 24/7. It is mainly at the base of my skull sometimes into...More
Posted by 2jnicole

Spotlight: Member Stories

I need to know from someone whose spinal fusion didnot work the first time. I am not a smoker, yet my fusion after 2 1/2 years didnnot complete itself...More

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feelin bad
im in constant pain. L5 and 6 were fused almost a yr ago now and ive never been in so much pain in my 38 yrs old. my kids r and ... More
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