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Full Disclosure
When I went to the doctor back in march 2010 a MRI showed a cyst compressing my spinal cord so I was informed....More
Posted by EWoods45
radio frequency ablation
My girlfriend had L1 S5 surgery almost 2 years ago. Since then there has still been constant pain on a daily...More
Posted by jcrewster
SCS trial is December 7th
It has been a long time since I have posted on here and I feel kind of bad about that but I remember...More
Posted by broken_angel2003
stiff neck small bumps
It all started one day when I was jogging and noticed my upper back tightening up. The next day I noticed a...More
Posted by catcher7
Arm Pain
I am a 22 year old female who, after years of athletics without any real problems besides leg surgery, is...More
Posted by An_241031
Neck Pain
So it all started around August 4th, it was rainy and I was wearing flip flops and was heading down the...More
Posted by o0_rayne_0o
Radio Frequecy Neurotomy
Hi all.. I am do to start the first injection in my neck to see if I am a candidate for the RFNeurotomy.As I...More
Posted by Anon_8629
Neck and Back Pain
In early June I was diagnosed with cervical sprain post MVA end of May and was prescribed an NSAID, muscle...More
Posted by PrincessNYC
READY TO SCREAM; diagnosed but not diagnosed
Hi, so appreciate some feedback from this group! I'm 53 yo female with 3 yrs of chronic nerve and muscle...More
Posted by easybreezey
Spinal Cord Stimulator
I recently went to start a trial period with a Spinal Cord Stimulator. Because I had a Fusion they could not...More
Posted by chrispain
Help with Chronic Neck Pain
Hello, I am a 23 year old female. I have had chronic neck pain for the past 3 years. It all started when I...More
Posted by IceCastles
Cervical and Lumbar Radiculopathy
In early June I was diagnosed with cervical sprain post MVA end of May and was prescribed an NSAID, muscle...More
Posted by PrincessNYC
neck and back pain.... any idea what it could be?
I have been suffering for about 3-4 years now with back, neck and shoulder pain. It started in my neck and at...More
Posted by feyes34
Cervical Chronic Disc Osteophyte?
Several years ago I had L4-L5 and L5-S1 Lumbar Laminectomies for 2 ruptured discs. I also have Lupus....More
Posted by bear2zealand
Neck/Shoulder/Left Arm pain
I've had problems with my left shoulder since a car accident that wasn't my fault, and I have been to over a...More
Posted by SarahM92
Neck and Back Injury
Suffered a neck and back injury this weekend. I lost my grip from the top of a soccer goal post and landed...More
Posted by stayfit4ever
Spinal Hip Fusion and neck pain
I had spinal hip fusion about 10 years ago for 43 degree curve, scoliosis. Since the surgery, I have been...More
Posted by evollema
Scared to get cervial spinal injection. Please he...
I am scheduled to have a cervical spine injection for a pinched c7 nerve. I have several disc that are...More
Posted by Anon_150206
Bipolar and degenerative disk disease/ pain manage...
I struggled with bipolar all of my life, I was diagnosed at age 13. I am 42 now. I attempted suicide a...More
Posted by HighnLoLita
Neck pain.. Arthritis?
I had a compression fracture of my C5 and C6 i think, about 16 years ago. I recently began having...More
Posted by garrettjen1004
Sharp shooting pains in neck
Hi everyone, So I've recently started getting this sharp, shooting pains in the left side of my neck. They're...More
Posted by nikiray
Intevertebral disc space slightly diminshed
Hi, I have these bouts of neck pain which last for 2-3 days and then go away. I had got an X-ray done 2 years...More
Posted by faisalk4
sharp pain from my neck into my shoulder blade
I am lookn for any suggestions and see if anyone else has had these pain started about a year ago,...More
Posted by Dell42
Posted by GAGIRLKM
Need Help for C2 Fracture
In July, 2010, I fractured my C2 in a diving accident. I was sent home from the ER (after a neurospinal...More
Posted by redhead_1972
Hi I'm hoping someone has some idea of what I'm experiencing. When I bend over, vacuuming, shoveling, etc,...More
Posted by scrambled53
Cervical Herniated Disc in neck
I have a herniated disc in my neck around c3 c4, My arm is in pain numbness in my hand and now my lower rib...More
Posted by dvbecker
decrompression/laminectomy and fusion from L2-S1
I had this done october 2010. Excruciating pain is still around 6 months on,I m attending a pain clinic and...More
Posted by An_189761
Spinal Fusion - Success for me
I had a multi-level spinal fusion L-4, L-5 ,S-1, 10 months ago . I am pain free and do not take any pain...More
Posted by tww810
neck surgery what to expect
what should I expect if I have cervical neck surgery? Will they cut my hair? It's really long and I want it...More
Posted by karenavon

Spotlight: Member Stories

I need to know from someone whose spinal fusion didnot work the first time. I am not a smoker, yet my fusion after 2 1/2 years didnnot complete itself...More

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spinal decompression
I had spinal fusion surgery too and the pain came back. I had 20 treatments of spinal decompression and am now pain free most days. Best ... More
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