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I need to know from someone whose spinal fusion didnot work the first time. I am not a smoker, yet my fusion after 2 1/2 years didnnot complete itself. My pain is intollerable. I can only walk, sit, or stand with the pain meds I have taken for the last years. My counts for my liver are rising fast. I need another alternave solution. Let me know if you had to have another fusion, and if you did did it work the 2nd time. My L4,L5, were supposed to be fused using a cadavere bone, Titanium scwrews & bolts. I am told that these scwers and bolts are holding my back together.I am 53 years old, and cannot even hold my 9 lb granddaughter. Help!

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Fusion not complete after 2 1/2 years
I had a fusion L4/L5/S1. I had seen my doctor 6 mths. after fusion. He told me it was...More
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