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Reply: TLIF Spinal Surgery
Wish I was closer! I live in Alabama! Maybe there is a local church that has a small group...that has...More
Posted by huntsville
Leg & feet pain after hip replacement
I had a total left hip replacement 3 yrs ago which went great. But about 7 months after Surg I started...More
Posted by huntsville
Reply: Pill count
Posted by terrye
Reply: Joy wondering how you are?
Thanks for the reply. Sorry to hear of problems - been missing you - you are surely missed - can't wait...More
It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
Posted by debs_bears
Reply: Spinal Cord Stimulator Problems
I deal with patients that have different versions of SCS. If you have the right Dr. Your pain should be...More
Posted by vkenny
Reply: Acquiring Pain Meds
If they can't fix you need to demand a referral or switch primary doctors!
Posted by trs1960
Reply: Hello everyone it's Tigger
Hi hun, sorry to hear about the surgery but your right.. When it hurts that bad, your ready for the surgery.....More
Posted by donna4012
Reply: Back pain
Stop posting your worthless, trivial "advice". You obviously have no idea how chronic pain can affect your...More
Posted by An_255018
Reply: Spinal Puncture
Hi and welcome to the support group we are lay people who suffer from chronic spine pains. There are no...More
Posted by jm1960

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My question is, did the spinal puncture have anything to do with Gillians Barre Syndrome occurring?
  • Spinal Punctures during back surgery
  • Gillians Barre Sybdrome
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Reply: Spinal fluid leak after surgery
I also went in for an L5S1 herniated disc didn't work, apparently after...More
Reply: Spinal Fusion
I have had 8 back surgeries with the latest in Sept 2011 was a revised fusion to include a third level....More
Posted by chronic1008
Reply: Living with a bone spur from lumbar fusion L5S1
Sorry it took so long to respond Joy, I have seen two other surgeons and they have agreed with my...More
Posted by chronic1008
Reply: nerve sheath tumor
Hi, I know some of these reports can sound frightening but often times they sound worse than they really...More
Posted by dianer01
Reply: What helps prevent lower back pain
Yup, I forgot to mention that I always sleep with a pillow between my knees and on my side, and I often do...More
Posted by spaceart
Sleeping positions
What is a good sleeping position if there is a kink in your spine between your shoulders? I can;t seem to...More
Posted by An_261628
Reply: Kyphoplasty update: Success--but bad back spasms 3...
No doctor has prescribed PT, just to keep moving (walking) and I do that around the house. Do some mild PT of...More
Posted by Anon_963
Reply: Herniated DIsc
Keep this in mind. 50% of the people with herniated disc have no pain. 50% of people with pain have no disc...More
Posted by trs1960
Reply: Fracture of L-1 vertebrae from fall--Kyphoplasty d...
All I can tell you is, the MRI (on both of us) showed my fracture at the L-1 level and his at the L-4 and we...More
Posted by Anon_963
Reply: Spine Pain?
Hello, Steve. I believe that God never promised us a life without pain and trial. What He has promised is to...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: Thrown To Wolves Again
So I just returned from yet another appointment with a spine specialist. After a very detailed physical exam he...More
Posted by kgirl69
Reply: pain only when lying down
I have had the same problem with my lower back for over 2 years now. Every since I gave birth to my baby. It...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Still no surgery
Hi maggieslooking- I have been finally diagnosed with a larger arachnoid cyst that is intradural and...More
Posted by chase269
Reply: SI joint dysfunction
Hi, I thought I'd post a follow-up to my surgery since I haven't been back in a while. It took a lot longer...More

DDD, 2 discectomies L4-5
Posted by painloopy
Reply: Spinal Cord Stimulator
I have had my SCS since 2007 and been quite pleased with it overall. I can't say it was smooth going the...More

DDD, 2 discectomies L4-5
Posted by painloopy
Includes Expert Content
Reply: leg cramps after surgery
New to this BB, but glad I found it. I had micro-discectomy 2 years ago. After surgery, I would occasionally...More
Posted by msosailor
Reply: Back pain when I lay flat on my back
"Cracking" your own back is a very bad idea. You can cause damage, which it sounds like you may have done. ...More
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Posted by davedsel2
Reply: Cervical Spine Pain with conflicting test results.
Thank you Joy. I am now scheduled for a CT Myelogram. Fortunately, I have an Osteopath who listens. I read...More
Posted by suzanne626
Reply: Lower Rib Tip Pain
Hi Clb, The symptoms here also describe what I've experienced to the 't' in the past 6-7yrs. I had the...More
Posted by johndownunder

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find that a heating pad usually helps me with my back after a hard day at work More
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