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A Conundrum Joy, Deb and to all who care.
Joy, I hope this day finds you well and that any opinions that were stated in here have deflected of you like...More
Posted by trs1960
back pain
I have similar problems exercising. Mid left side of back always hurts after exercise.
Posted by An_258689
back pain
I have similar problems exercising. Mid left side of back always hurts after exercise.
Posted by An_258689
Spinal burst fractures
In auto accident had burst fractures in my neck middle and lower spine. They cut two ribs out grind them up put...More
Posted by adam64
Disc bulge leads to SI joint pain
Hi all, I am 27 years old woman with scoliosis from my childhood. I have developed chronic low back pain...More
Posted by amydancery
I have to take a muscle relaxer to sleep at night due to spasms is there any other relief?
Posted by An_258645
Core workouts hurt
I have an issue doing core strength workouts because my back is always in pain when doing them. Is there a...More
Posted by An_258640
two bulging discs in my lower back
Hi, looking for some people who have been through the same issue. Please shoot me an email at...More
Posted by emendeziii
A question for WebMD
What is going on in our posts with all the .<br /><br /><br />? Everyone has them in their...More
It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
Posted by debs_bears
Could you please tell me all you know about Isthmi...
I fracture my back (lower back) when I was like 3 or 4. I am now 14. I fractured my coccyx 2 years ago. I...More
Posted by thereselittle
injured back on attic rafter
Hi Fols, I was n the attic 3 days ago and my 16 year old cat came up the steps unintentionly - I was...More
Posted by 90roadster
I just learned today
That my compression fracture was caused by Osteoporosis, per my Neurosurgeon and that I was diagnosed in...More
It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
Posted by debs_bears
New to group and need support
I'm in such pain that at times I don't think I can take it anymore. I'm at a Spine Center receiving injections...More
Posted by jean1960
back pain
Posted by bejeanntte
Lower back to hip to knee, left side
I was treated for(but know surgery) 10 years ago, for a bulging disc. Two days ago, my left knee nearly...More
Posted by cupsuptic
Stinging pain after fusion
I just had my 2nd spinal fusion L4_L3 the first was S1-L5 this time they did some clean up of the severe...More
Posted by angelis1165
8th level fusion - worse decision of my life
I had an 8 level fusion in November, 2014 and have been house bound ever since and I'm really regretting what...More
Posted by An_258458
extra half formed lumber disk
I have had lower back pain since I was a child but I figured everyone did so I didn't complain. I am 61 now...More
Posted by An_256469
Legal advice on claiming disability status with em...
Are there any good web resources that have recommendations on legal matters for those with back issues...More
Posted by kansascity
Good beds for degenerative disc?
I am looking for a recommendation on a brand of a bed or features for those with (lower back) degenerative...More
Posted by kansascity
What's wrong with me?
I'm 19 years old and have back pain when I lay down. It started so long ago I thought that it was normal...More
Posted by cherrie666pie
Complete Lumbar Fusion
Hello I am new to this group. I recently had L4- S1 spinal fusion. I am having to have the rest of my...More
Posted by timpemberton
Slipped disc in D-Spain
Hello I'm 30 years old female. Last April I got a horrible pain in my back (actually it's not back I felt it...More
Posted by amanda1114
Chronic Back Pain for over a year. Please help!
I fractured my coccyx when I was 3. I am 14 now. About 1 1/2 yrs ago I tripped but did not fall.I had no...More
Posted by thereselittle
getting nowhere with doctors, NSAIDs...
I'm 22 and have had almost constant back pain for about 4 years. I have been to many doctors, specialists, and...More
Posted by stmasc1
Joy how did your appt. go?
Hey Joy how did your new doctor appt. go on Wed. the 23rd? I had been praying the thinking about you.
It is my prayer that you have a Blessed Day in all that you do. ~~~Debbie~~~
Posted by debs_bears
Lower back pain with the same diagnosis
Hi all I recently reinjured my lower back after lifting weights and it's been over 6 weeks and it still has...More
Posted by tbalmer
How to avoid back problems when running??
What is usually best for avoiding back pain when running? I usually wear a back ankle brace, but not really...More
Posted by lhb2278
LIVE CHAT 7/23 at 1pm EDT: Ask Our Experts About M...
Ongoing pain, whether caused by an accident or illness, can have a powerful effect on every aspect of life....More
Posted by atti_editor

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Try water therapy
I also have had surgery for L5S1,protruding disc for sciatic pain. Everything was fine for a year. Then the pain came back and the doctor ... More
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