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My Story: I had a serious fall down stairs at work I had to fight worker's Comp for three years to get the lumbar fusion I badly needed. The damage that happened during this time lapse is irreversible and causes me pain daily. Worker's Comp attorneys fought so hard against me as I have mild congenital Spina Bifida. Their rationale was that my spine was weakened and a "normal" spine would not have incurred such severe damage.

That lumbar fusion failed. I have had neurotomies for spasm that were very helpful. Ultimately, with that failed fusion and inadequate pain relief with opiate medications, I opted for an implanted spinal cord stimulator. I love it and it has helped relieve much pain.

Six weeks post-op, I was hit t-bone in the driver's side door by a driver who ran a stop sign at 55-60 mph. I suffered multiple bone and soft-tissue injuries in that accident. I had a three-level cervical fusion and inter-medullary rods in my left leg soon post-accident. The spinal cord stimulator was also injured and replaced.

My wonderful daughter helps me about the house. I have a devoted man friend, a few other great friends, and a few family members who have "been there" through the entire thing.

After having been to a pain clinic that was shut down as one of the MDs was arrested on many drug-related charges, I interviewed a few pain management MDs until I found the MD that I knew I could trust with my care and I found easy with whom to work. He listens to my concerns, treats me with respect, spends as much time with me as I need, and has tremendous support staff.

This decision has made my life tolerable.

I know that I'm fortunate to be alive, walking, able to care for myself for the most part.

I terribly miss my job as a neurology Registered Nurse.

Thanks for reading about me.

I wish more members would write their stories. I get so much from reading about others lives.

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