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Joined: 12/13/2012
My Story:
I was diagnosed with a herniated L5-S1 when I was 17, ten years ago. August 2011, I woke up one day stiff and sore, but by the time I was leaving for work at noon, I could barely move. After two months of misdiagnoses, I was finally diagnosed with a degenerative disk at the same disk after getting an MRI in October that year.

I also have bipolar II, which gives me bad anxiety, and I have migraines and chronic daily headache. All this together, I have been unable to work since 2011.

I struggle with my self-esteem and confidence. I went from a good paying, full time job with great benefits to making nothing. It was a hard blow. I am learning to accept that I am unable to do much, but it is still hard.

I do have a great support system, which is vital to me. My twin sister is my best friend, and has uncomplainingly taken over in supporting me. She is the reason I get up every day.

I am trying to loose weight, but that is a struggle. I joined the diet community 50-100 lb, which has been helping me stay on track. My long term goal is to get down to 170. I am currently 300 lbs. Got a long way to go....

PS: My pic is me in my sister's '89 Econoline Van. I'm standing inside it. :)

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