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Lupus anticoagulant w/antiphospholipid syndrome. Raynaud's phenomenon. Kidney dysfunction (stone maker). Type 2 diabetes (in remission controlled by diet alone). PFO (hole in my heart). PE (pulmonary emboli) Had 6 TIA's (mini strokes). Exercise induced PH (Pulmonary Hypertension). Bronchiectasis (lung disease). Had my entire thyroid removed but Hashimoto's Thyroiditis still remains, I have spinal and cervical stenosis, 2 total right knee replacements (17 yrs. apart). Esophageal dysmotility, LVDD, POTS (autonomic dysfunction). Sleep disorder w/ brain arousal's and periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD), Fibromyalgia. due to my autonomic dysfunction I have a neurogenic bladder, PFD and venous insufficiency in both lower legs.

I have recently been diagnosed with chronic iron deficiency anemia.

I also have RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Disorder). I am a 19 year breast cancer survivor. June 2011 had a 7 vertebrae neck fusion - 2 rods and 10 screws held my neck together. 4 surgeries later Sept. 2012 all hardware has been removed and my neck is completely fused together my neck does not move in any direction. I also have Ankylosing Spondylosis and Cervical spondylosis and recent was diagnosed with scoliosis of the entire spine. As of 4/25/14 I now have osteoporosis and have a compression fracture on L-4 with a height loss of 25%. I will start Forteo for the osteoporosis.

According to hospital records in my 58 years of life I have had over 64 surgeries to put me back together.

I had to have an ileostomy put in just so I could go to the bathroom properly. An ileostomy is the same as a colostomy they just use our small intestines to make the stoma (ostomy). I have now been diagnosed with Generalized Intestinal Dysmotility - caused by my vagus nerve being damaged.

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