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had a bad back for years, runs in the family, along with arthritis. Diagnosed with DDD years ago, things came to a head with back pain this year after dealing with a huge change in the amount of pain, so had an mri done which revealed a protruding or herniated disc. Went to my Neuro Surgeon a few weeks back and he said I would not need back surgery, but would recommend an epidural steroid shot. He also said that about 80% of herniated discs go away by themselves and that I would not have any ill efects with the epidural. I had that done weeks ago and it has allowed me to do alot more things that I was not able to do anymore before the shot. Mainly, standing, walking and some exercising. So very grateful for the shot. Approach things now cautiously regarding anything related to the back, and certainly not overdoing anything from here on out!

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