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Personal Info: Currently disabled/retired living with my wonderful wife, two young adult sons, 3 dogs and 4 cats. I have managed moderate to mostly severe chronic pain for over 35 years. I've been a member of WebMD for over 10 years.

Spinal Conditions: Hyperkyphosis (thoracic section curved outward too much), osteoarthritis in my spine and entire body, DDD, 7-8 herniated discs, stenosis at all 3 levels of spine, spurs at all 3 levels of spine, major problems at T12/L1.
In mid 2014 x-rays revealed that both of my hips need replacing due to severe osteoarthritis. There is no cartilage or visible space around the hip ball joints. Hip surgery is on hold until I loose more weight. The orthopedic surgeon says there is too much risk to do the surgery until I have lost at least 20 more pounds, preferably 40. The pain won't kill me, but complications from the surgery might so I understand. I will continue to work at losing weight and even try to be more active despite the pain.

Spinal Pain Management Methods: Chiropractic adjustments, Sleep Number bed, good recliner, enteric coated aspirin and muscle relaxer. Allergic to all narcotic prescription pain medications. Now seeing a pain management specialist that is a phyiatrist and he is helping with steroid injections and rhizotomies (radio frequency ablations) of first right L2-L5 facet nerves and two weeks after that left side, same procedure. They are providing about 50% pain relief in that area as of now.

Philosophy: My family and faith help me to keep a positive attitude.

Motto: Keep doing your research. Keep moving as much as possible. Keep a positive attitude.

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