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My Story:
In comparison to some of the other stories on here, mine seems pretty insignificant. Here it is anyhow-

I fractured my coccyx a few years ago- when I was three, I am 14 now. Being that young I really did not let that stop me and felt little to no pain, as I have been told and from what I remember.

When I was about twelve, I almost fell forward face-first. However, I prevented the fall just in time. I had no pain immediately after the fall and went about my day as normal. Later that day, I could barely move and it seemed every attempted movement of my limbs/neck provoked greater pain. I could not walk or sit, even lying in bed hurt.

I did not go to the doctor then as my mom said I probably a pulled a muscle or something minor and the less I moved the stiffer and more painful it would become. So, I obviously did nothing but grimace and bear the pain. However, a few days later at school, I was in tremendous pain unlike anything I ever felt before and so I went to my family physician who sent me for an x-ray. It did reveal a fracture just below the first one from before. She also said that there was some soft tissue damage and inflammation.

So, I was prescribed predisone, diclofenac and something else which I do not recall at the moment. I was also put on a few weeks of bed rest and taking it easy. To this day the pain persists as worse as ever. I have been to 5 doctors since. They all have different theories for the chronic pain but none with a definite diagnosis or remedy. I

I have been given anti-inflammatory medicine, muscle relaxants, pain-killers and have done physical therapy. I have done x-rays, CT scans and numerous tests. These all reveal nothing new except progressing scoliosis.
The medicine helps for awhile but within a few weeks, the pain returns without mercy.

I am now left in constant pain 24/7 that radiates from the lumbar area to the coccyx that resembles a stabbing, pounding sensation with ever so often when overused, a burning feeling. There is also pain along the outer side of my leg that makes standing very challenging as well as sitting down, especially for prolonged periods of time. This pain is similar to the one described above and only occurs in one leg at a time. The chronic pain has also lead to minor depression.

Back pain and back-related conditions such as scoliosis, herniated disks, etc. are also prominent in my family.

So this is my story which again is not half as bad as others in this community.

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