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Joined: 02/05/2010
My Story:
I'm a former handyman remodeler, mechanic, personal trainer, exercise buff, sportscard shoppe owner, now semiretired working at a pharmacy. Still get around, just with pain. Love to do research and read, I AM Christian....
Why I came to WebMD
Back injuries, etc. etc. DDD Stenosis Scoliosis, Cervical pinched nerves. Choose not to have operations 3 times, I choose exercise and PT. and the meds. Arthritis, Asthma, allergies, stomach ulcers, IBS,and other aches & pains sinus and ear troubles and on and on. Back(spinal sten, scoliosis, DDD,,Chronic pain
Where I can be found on WebMD
Back Pain Support Backie Daily Moanin, Cold & Flu
E-mail //

What I Like

Christian novels and theology, formerly S.F. addict
Movies/TV: This and that
Music: Country, cont. Christian, soft rock
Hobbies: Photography, exercise when possible, collecting to many variety of things including Teddy bears, books, steins and other things
Other: Sportscard collecting and collecting in general
What Inspires Me
People and children that try when the going gets tough. Theres always someone worse off then you. Look and weep.
My Favorite Quote
"Live well and die never, die well and live forever`"

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Reply: LARGE Increase in medication price
Joy, since i work for CVS, I get my drugs for free, yeah right. I wish. But there is a...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: Just an update
Hi Joy Dave and all, wish i could take your pain away Joy, I feel for ya. I can't even...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: Hey Everyone~~
Merry Christmas Joy and everyone, God Bless, less pain for everyone in 2014, yaaaaaaah
Posted by deach777
Reply: Hey Everyone~~
Hi Joy, sorry to hear about your surg. fun,(not). But I think you knew it wouldn't take...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: hey fast update
Hi Joy, well I really hope your pains have been reduced by now, as the dr. said . So what...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: Just an update
Hi Dave, good to see you also (text). Did your wife get her full dis. or did it not come...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: Just an update
Joy, the abbreviation is for Deach, I did that when I joined here many years ago. Sure has...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: Just an update
Hi Joy, Hate to see you go through more surgery, but if it will help with the pain go for...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: Finally Friday
Hey Dave, very humid here also. Pain is lower today, just at workable level, since I have...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: Rainy Days And Monday
Hi Dave, Joy and everyone else. I must have heard my name mentioned, LOL I stopped by to...More
Posted by deach777

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