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Joined: 02/05/2010
My Story:
I'm a former handyman remodeler, mechanic, personal trainer, exercise buff, sportscard shoppe owner, now semiretired working at a pharmacy. Still get around, just with pain. Love to do research and read, I AM Christian....
Why I came to WebMD
Back injuries, etc. etc. DDD Stenosis Scoliosis, Cervical pinched nerves. Choose not to have operations 3 times, I choose exercise and PT. and the meds. Arthritis, Asthma, allergies, stomach ulcers, IBS,and other aches & pains sinus and ear troubles and on and on. Back(spinal sten, scoliosis, DDD,,Chronic pain
Where I can be found on WebMD
Back Pain Support Backie Daily Moanin, Cold & Flu
E-mail //

What I Like

Christian novels and theology, formerly S.F. addict
Movies/TV: This and that
Music: Country, cont. Christian, soft rock
Hobbies: Photography, exercise when possible, collecting to many variety of things including Teddy bears, books, steins and other things
Other: Sportscard collecting and collecting in general
What Inspires Me
People and children that try when the going gets tough. Theres always someone worse off then you. Look and weep.
My Favorite Quote
"Live well and die never, die well and live forever`"

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Leap Year Morning Moanin
Hey everyone, remember Morning Moanin? Geezz, i've been here too long. Over 10 yrs. Been...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: calling for Deach!!!!
Hi joy, thanks for thinking about me. Just happen to see your post. Not doing much posting...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: Happy New Year's Everyone
Happy New year Joy and everyone here. I have a headache anyway and didn't even have a...More
Posted by deach777
A Merry non-moanin Christmas
Hi backie friends, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, hope you day is as painfree as...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: Hey Everone~~~~ Another Procedure Upcoming~~~
Joy, i hope this proc. works for you. You've been in pain such a long time and tried so...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: Looking for Deach
Hey Tig, yep, i'm still here. Not real active in any of the web sites right now. I can...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: SPOOKY Snowy Mornin Moanin
Thanks Joy, yes death of friends and relatives is a rough part of life but we all go...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: SPOOKY Snowy Mornin Moanin
Hi Dave, Glad things are going okay. I heard chain saws going all day yest. Today i went...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: SPOOKY Snowy Mornin Moanin
Hi Joy, the weather has been crazy all over, you just have to wake up each day to see what...More
Posted by deach777
Reply: SPOOKY Snowy Mornin Moanin
Hi Di, long time no see, we have cider out the gills here in Pa. Dutch land. I bought an...More
Posted by deach777

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