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I didn't know what real pain was until November 2005. It all began with a fall on a room size rug and broke my pelvis. The fracture healed in 6 months and I was fine until I began to fall and had several falls on my butt. As time progressed the falls began to take their toll.

After several pain clinics and orthopaedics and a nerosurgeon, I finally found out my tailbone was hypermobile. (It moved around like a clock in fast motion. I suffered for about four years with that and it never healed. So in 2011, I had the tailbone removed. Okay you don't really need the tailbone, it is sorta like the appe it removed. No problem with the surgery and I healed from that in a timely manner. Then my discs began to wear out and falls continued. I don't know why I fell. It was not watching where I was going and moving too fast. The last fall was in a shuttle bus headed for the airport May 2012.
Too much for a small frame body. At the time I was thin, but now NOT so much.

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