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Joined: 02/05/2010
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I had back problems on and off for many years when one morning in April 2007 I woke up with a familiar pain in my butt and after a few days the pain progressed to where I could not walk. An MRI revealed I had a massively herniated disk, a laminectomy and diskectomy L3-5 got me up and walking. Three months later I had ruptured 3 more disks and ended up having L3-S1 fused.

I struggled for the first year after the fusion with pain and mobility issues. It took almost a year before I really felt good again. I have since lost weight and have been exercising regularly. I can do just about anything I want and will usually go for it.

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Reply: Friday the 13th Moaning
no, I did post a couple of days after I had the surgery but we are not friends on...More
Posted by dianer01
Reply: Friday the 13th Moaning
and Happy Friday to you too Dave and mainebestlife! Every Friday is a good day. I'm...More
Posted by dianer01
Off Line
Hi everyone, I know I have not been posting regularly but I have been lurking and...More
Posted by dianer01
Reply: Caudal epidural last week
YEA, I am glad to hear you are having some relief! diMore
Posted by dianer01
Reply: waiting to see Neuro Surgeon about herniated disc ...
Dave and Tim have given you some good guidance. Now for my 2 cents worth! Give it time if...More
Posted by dianer01
Reply: Microdisectomy questions and natural pain killers
Hi and welcome. I really can't answer #1 because I had relief almost immediately after...More
Posted by dianer01
Welcome Back!
Hi Deb! Welcome back, I hope you are doing well. I am glad to see you here! diMore
Posted by dianer01
Reply: Adult Scoliosis
Hi kalle, I have a friend who was diagnosed with scoliosis in her teens and is now 50ish....More
Posted by dianer01
Reply: Back surgery
Hi, I completely agree with Davedsel about contacting your doctor. If you feel your pain...More
Posted by dianer01
Reply: I'll be signing off tonight
Thanks Deb for all of your thoughts and prayers. It means a lot. We all pray for your...More
Posted by dianer01

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