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Joined: 02/05/2010
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Hi, I'm Painloopy - loopy from all the chronic back, butt, and leg pain I've suffered with since 2003. I have DDD which resulted in 2 discs ruptured and lumbar discectomies in 2003. Pain from having no disc in L5-S1 caused a lot of problems sitting, standing, and walking. In 2006 I had an artificial disc replacement done on L5-S1which worked well for 6 months then went back to pain as it was before. Multitudes of steroid injections and various failed nerve pain meds later, I had a spinal stimulator implant put in 2007. Now I'm on permanent disability. 2013 tried radio frequency ablation on SI joints but it didn't work so in 2014 had SI joint fusion on the right side to stabilize the joint since I have significant pain there but steroid injections just didn't last long enough. Still in pain, discs are degenerating more as the years go by and always looking for new procedures or meds that might work better than all I've tried. I'm a big advocate for aqua physical therapy. Back pain community on Webmd is great. Lot's of good advice shared. I also have COPD, RA, and subsequently depression.

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