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Crushed by a falling tree December of 2000, suffering a subdural hematoma, eight broken ribs with a collapsed lung my spinal column was crushed over 3 inches. Now living with a spinal column having nearly as much titanium as a Ferrari holding 12 vertebrae, or what's left of them, together I've continued to work and raise my kids...well I've allowed my wife to raise our kids. For most of the time since my injury I've suffered horrific chronic pain and drug side effects equally terrifying. Speaking of my wife, it is true that the caregivers of those suffering debilitating illness or injury are angels of mercy. They often have a tougher time caring for us than we do being cared for. I've learned that knowledge is power and that to survive we must learn how our body works in order to use the tools given to us as we map out our new life. Back to the Ferrari, one could have the best mechanic's tools in the world, but without knowledge such tools are merely useless pieces of forged steel.

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Reply: frusterated, in pain, and depressed
You can't force yourself to heal...doing so may just prolong your recovery. Will power to...More
Posted by trs1960
Reply: Lower back pain probably from poor posture in bed ...
My .02 cents. I can't sleep in my bed for long without it causing hip pain.. I've tried all...More
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Reply: Update On Me and My Hips
Dave, I'm sorry you're Ill, but I love the rest of the story. I know it's hard to take...More
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Reply: Coccydynia
I hope it's the worst ordeal you ever have to go through. It sounds terrible. Infections...More
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Reply: Pill count
You're between a rock and a hard place. Everyone agrees that were better off without...More
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Reply: need to strengthen abbs
I'm fused from T4-L3 so normal core exercises are not in my workout. The only things I've...More
Posted by trs1960
Happy Easter to you all. TimMore
Posted by trs1960
Reply: arachnoid cyst sacrum
Interesting. Good job and congrats!
Posted by trs1960
Reply: Epidural Injection
I agree with Dave, ( I haven't disagreed yet) its unlikely that these are related. Not...More
Posted by trs1960

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