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I am a 30 Year Old female from Illinois. I weigh 209 LBS. and is 5'7". I have scoliosis and leg length inequality since 1994. recently I went to the ER 12/15/2011 after having chest pain in the center of chest below breasts which would come on only after sitting for longs periods of time. Also after being sick for four days straight, they took xrays of chest and drew blood and because I have no history, of heart disease in family and because of age they said it could not be signs of a heart attack but gave me a perscription for Famotidine(Pepcid 20MG) which worked great haven't needed it since 12/31/2011.

Would Love to lose 50-60 LBS. Lower Ab Bulge and Back Rolls.

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I have had scoliosis since 1994. One day when I came home from the school bus my mom...More
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