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On Triggering Posts
We ask that you place 'Trigger' in the subject line of posts that might be disturbing to protect...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
HypoMania- How long will It last this time?
Hello everyone, I am currently wide awake after trying to sleep for a few hours, so I thought I would write...More
Posted by An_259798
I had she say what washed sayin
I don't care because we think we're Neuro3x a team since august sixth grade when I started playing football...More
Posted by shah576
I will present loll regular a bodybuilder
You is definitely a use all anabolic steroids Neuro3x and has a hot to look like that without steroids...More
Posted by shah576
I'm not a fan of pageantry night
I can go by a Playboy magazine at Neuro3x all to see you know I'm a fan of bodybuilding I'm not a fan of...More
Posted by shah576
I'm a fan about maybe to see stuff like
I think there must know where teams Neuro3x are very similar and I think they should cut the I think they...More
Posted by shah576
I'm sure some the key competitors going
You like out of this world for Neuro3x example dry PB Isabel on average girl who can look good in bikini so...More
Posted by shah576
You were to cut women's divisions
They get rid of a woman's body but Neuro3x I think they're testing the waters I think the shows are already...More
Posted by shah576
They are classics a big show a lot of people
I think that is where this the Sharpie Neuro3x anything is going they're going to get rid of women's...More
Posted by shah576
I think the women who bodybuilding
The women's physique and do Neuro3x well and still look you know feminine something like that of the IFBB is...More
Posted by shah576
The Olympia was kind of testing
The first year ever for women sitting Neuro3x at the Olympia so if you like this first era a physique at the...More
Posted by shah576
You liked on is kind of going in the direction
I'll probably ways you know through Neuro3x on stage on our on overall Clarke Carlisle in terms of weight...More
Posted by shah576
They are not supposed to look like
The appreciation about the men Neuro3x are getting for their muscularity because they're women and they are...More
Posted by shah576
They've already got enough weapons
I feel like next year at the Olympia Neuro3x also they're going to cut out women's bodybuilding and just...More
Posted by shah576
You know on a classic so it's kind
The competition Russia own every Neuro3x year for the past you know on a classic so it's kind of a big step...More
Posted by shah576
The right portion in combination a foodie
The workout program will consist Neuro3x a body parts but the following the proper nerd of sets and reps...More
Posted by shah576
The routine to see results quickly
The right foods at the right times Neuro3x throughout the day eating properly the right amount of protein...More
Posted by shah576
You will train different set of muscles
You will be training you will split Neuro3x those muscle groups up into different day news one day you will...More
Posted by shah576
You can catch on how to train properly
You need to learn about female Neuro3x bodybuilding fitness which should propel you to seeing the results...More
Posted by shah576
You do one more securities
I started to justify the sacrifices that Neuro3x made including leave my family behind guy around the world...More
Posted by shah576
I should say finest last time
I'm pm when she leave it I should Neuro3x say finest last time do I was thinking like Over mind kidney...More
Posted by shah576
I look like that either it if I take my time
You dear he decided that he next Neuro3x year you know I will not finish my career was still alive error...More
Posted by shah576
OT/poss. triggers/What do you think?
With Halloween quickly approaching and all of those scary, fun and funny costumes out there to pick from, but...More
Please join my community called GRUMPY GROUPIES ( ) Fun and serious topics, nothing is taboo. So get on over there. Weirdo's are welcomed.
Posted by bpcookie
Something I read this morning
10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon Only portions of each item is copied due to space, so to...More
"Live without pretending; Love without depending; Listen without defending; Speak without offending"--Drake
Posted by ddnos
Includes Expert Content
Lamictal and Memory Loss
23 Year old male college student with BP1 taking 250 mg of Lamictal experiencing some memory loss. Would...More
Posted by An_259778
My feet/bone scan update - OT
Had appointment with my Podiatrist today to go over bone scan on my feet. I usually have a pretty good grasp of...More
"Live without pretending; Love without depending; Listen without defending; Speak without offending"--Drake
Posted by ddnos
Includes Expert Content
Dr G Bipolar and OCD and HORRID muscle spasms
Currently treated with 20 mg Latuda (as of last Friday, prior to that was 3 mg Abilify), 75 mg trazadone,...More
Posted by workhorsedvm
I don't know why my computer is posting some of my discussions more than once. I apologize. Sorry, DoriMore
Posted by dori5011
Includes Expert Content
To: Doctor.G
Hello again, Few questions and or input: - I have been off all medications for 5 months now and I feel...More
Posted by dori5011

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Joseph F. Goldberg, MD, is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY. He also maintains a private prac...More

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Screen out people who can't seem to "get it"....
There are some people who can't or won't understand at all. My wife is bipolar, and some people are more understanding than others. We ... More
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